Shower Cleaning Ideas for a Gleaming Powder Room

Like several individuals, I maintain a extremely clean house. Nonetheless, we all have our difficulty spots, don’t we?! My spot of weakness: the shower. Kate here, and I’m acquiring prepared to recaulk the tub so I can make a fresh begin in the shower! I want to make certain it stays clean (and possibly even gleaming) properly previous the caulking, so right now’s publish is committed to shower cleansing and servicing. By way of my analysis and personalized expertise, I’ve picked up some beneficial guidelines and tricks. Plus, I’ve sprinkled in some photos of lovely showers so we can all keep our eyes on the prize! Here goes…

Sparkling clean bathroom Refreshing shower with coral towels Don't forget to clean the shower head Shower with subway tile and glass doors Bath products on a shower caddy Clean shower with a warm glow Keep shower liners clean and fresh Shower with gleaming glass doors Sparkling white shower with glass doors

Standard Upkeep

Sparkling white shower with glass doors
Sparkling white shower with glass doors

Allow’s talk about typical servicing, shall we? These are the cleaning techniques that ought to grow to be element of our routine. Here’s a great rule of thumb:

Preserve factors fresh and prevent tough water stains by giving your shower a fast every day cleansing. This isn’t as involved as it sounds and can consist of one thing as straightforward as swiftly spritzing the shower with a daily cleaner for simple upkeep. Some individuals even advocate wiping down the walls with a squeegee on a day-to-day basis (such as proper after you shower). If you have glass walls or a glass shower door, this can be important in preventing hard water stains. For much more beneficial shower servicing guidelines, check out this shower cleansing write-up from Apartment Therapy! [photo above from Neill & Lee, photo below from Lonny]

Bath products on a shower caddy
Bath goods on a shower caddy

How quickly your shower demands a deep cleansing depends on many variables, from the hardness of your water and the ventilation in your room to the amount of grout in your shower and the consistency of the bath products you use. Irrespective of specifics, right here’s one more beneficial hint: Give your shower a very good cleansing each 2-3 weeks.

This implies spraying it with a cleaner and wiping down the walls with a sponge or a soft cloth. You could require a bristle brush for regions exactly where mold and mildew have accumulated. There are many eco-pleasant items on the market place these days, so if you’re sensitive to chemical compounds, you can often discover a non-toxic different.  [photograph below from Lonny]

Shower with subway tile and glass doors
Shower with subway tile and glass doors

If your shower requires the powerful things, don’t overlook to preserve the location effectively ventilated even though you clean. Now allow’s talk particulars…

Shower Doors and Curtains

Shower with gleaming glass doors
Shower with gleaming glass doors

Shower doors can quickly turn into covered with difficult water stains, and there’s practically nothing that helps make a shower appear dirty faster than a glass door that you can’t see through! As talked about over, wiping down glass doors with a squeegee on a regular basis will go a lengthy way in trying to keep your shower fresh. Some individuals hold the squeegee hanging in the shower so they can rapidly clean right after they flip the water off. [photo above from from Courtney Blanton Interiors, photo below from Bed Bath & Past]

Keep shower liners clean and fresh
Hold shower liners clean and fresh

Then there’s the shower curtain and liner! Some liners can be laundered, and some just want to be replaced once they’ve become a mildewy mess. I identified some super-handy shower curtain and liner washing suggestions at Reader’s Digest, so check out the hyperlink for a lot more particulars!

The Shower Floor

Clean shower with a warm glow
Clean shower with a warm glow

Possibly you’re excellent at often tending to the walls of your shower, but it might consider an additional push to concentrate on the floor. Why? Simply because it can be yucky! But avoiding a yucky mess just tends to make it yuckier. And gives the soap scum and grime more time to accumulate! Take the time to deep clean your shower floor by spraying it with cleaner and wiping it with a sponge or a cloth, or by making use of a bristle brush to operate on challenging stains.

Whether you use natural cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar vs. a chemical cleaner will depend on your preference and the state of your shower floor. For recommendations on cleaners and tactics, head on in excess of to Mrs. Clean. [photo above by James Bruce Photography, from Element 5 Architecture]

Caulk Talk

Refreshing shower with coral towels
Refreshing shower with coral towels

If you regularly clean your shower and there’s nevertheless mold exhibiting up, odds are your caulk needs replacing, at least in difficulties spots. Great issue you have our Decoist caulking article to use as a reference!

Be sure you remove previous caulk rather than simply covering moldy spots with new caulk. For a lot more specifics and tips, verify out the over-mentioned caulking article, full with tips and effortless steps! [photograph by Margot Hartford, Sunset Books & Magazine, from Gast Architects]

Finishing Touches

Don't forget to clean the shower head
Don’t fail to remember to clean the shower head

We finish with some finishing touches to add sparkle, shine and real cleanliness to your powder room. 1st up: Don’t fail to remember the shower head! There’s nothing at all like watching the water come out, only to discover mold and mildew developing in and about the minor holes. For an simple trick, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure it all around your shower head. Depart it overnight, and when you remove it in the morning, the shower head will be clean! The best component: this approach is non-toxic! [photograph above from Lonny]

Other helpful tips such as washing the bath mat, freshening up the towels and changing grooming merchandise this kind of as bath scrubees and pumice stones can assist maintain your shower area clean and crisp. [photograph below from Amy Trowman Design]

Sparkling clean bathroom
Sparkling clean bathroom

The bottom line: have a super-quick day-to-day shower cleaning/tidying ritual, and comply with it up with a deep cleansing every couple of weeks. Staying in a great regimen will preserve issues from obtaining out of manage and will make shower servicing a snap!

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