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Renovated Mexican Residence With A Residence Office And A Garden Jacuzzi

Renovations typically generate exciting conundrums with some of the requiring imaginative and unique solutions. The Virreyes by Kababie Arquitectos in Mexico City is a single of those tasks that needed both meticulous preparing and precise execution. Situated on an angled whole lot the residence demanded a really special style that delivered a modern day and fresh interior. Residence owners also wanted clearly demarcated separate places with every possessing its very own distinct performance. The end result is a modern residence that is an amalgamation of 3 segmented components.

Street facade if Virreyes by Kababie Arquitectos

Sporting 3 different entrances for the residing spot, garage and the home office, the entire developing exudes a warm and inviting vibe. While the exterior is clad in slate quarry, the interior is draped in a blend of stone, glass and wood. Traditional factors of Mexican layout and ar2rk are very carefully and delicately incorporated into a contemporary setting to develop a distinct appeal. Public regions are housed on the lower level although the personal quarters are positioned on the leading floor.

A savvy layout prepare guarantees that every single room flows into the subsequent as warm earthen tones and plush decor exude a uniform theme all through the private residence. On the 2nd degree of the home are a loved ones space, fitness center and the guest rooms along with the master suite. The backyard with a lovely backyard and a soothing Jacuzzi cap off this Mexican delight!

Stylish and modern living space of Virreyes Spacious dining area next to the modern kitchen Pendant lights above the kitchen island Stiarcase leading to the bedrooms Smart combination of pendant and recessed lighting

To make more evident the angle of the whole lot, the facade was divided in 2. 1 side was covered with quarry slateto develop a contrast of texture and color with the other side that has the garage doors. A little wooden door, in the exact same tone of beams of the 1st level, is the entrance to the office.

Interesting ar2rk in the sitting area Plush bedroom with large bookshelf Guest bedroom with twin bedrooms Opulent bathroom design with eclectic decor Outdoor patio lined with cool cabdle lanterns Floor plan of the first level of Virreyes by Kababie Arquitectos Mexico city home floor plan - second level

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