OutOfOffice Frankfurt: Modern Industrial Space for Meetings and Workshops

Looking for a conference space in Frankfurt with a difference? Then OutOfOffice Frankfurt designed by VON M might be the setting you are searching for! This modern industrial space has been designed specifically for office meetings, conferences and one-of-a-kind workshops and is a space where employees can get together in a relaxing and productive environment. Borrowing from aesthetics of the 60’s and combining its industrial roughness with wooden warmth, the entire space can be easily tweaked to adapt to different needs thanks to its versatile basic structure.

OutOfOffice in Frankfurt provides relaxing and convenient space for office workshops

It is the wonderful use of wood that gives the interior a modern, cozy appeal even as its unpolished finish allows the large, open shelves and kitchen cabinets to blend in with the industrial backdrop. Simple, Edison bulb lights, exposed steel and concrete surfaces and large windows are effortlessly combined with polished gray surfaces and smart conference rooms to offer the best of both worlds. Essentially, the place can be rented by almost any company as a way to allow its employees to escape the mundane nature of their work environment even as they interact in a productive environment. [Photography: Dennis Mueller]

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A simple way to delineate space in open plan setting

Smart reading nook and relaxation zone

Wood along with large windows adds to the modern industrial style

Wooden cabinetry and decor give the office kitchen a cozy look

Gray and wood coupled with natural light for a fabulous conference room

Unlike traditional meeting spaces, the rooms maintain a factory like atmosphere and are oriented to a more rough and plain industrial design concept. The natural treated materials, the authentic approach towards the office spaces from the 1960 in combination with high quality furniture gives the space a unique atmosphere…

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Entrance of OutOfOffice in Frankfurt

Industrial style Edison bulb lighting

Interior of the conference space borrows from 60’;s charm

Floor plan of the industrial modern OutOfOffice

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