Østfold Cabin: Cozy Norwegian Retreat on the ocean Edge

It is hardly a surprise that the house to worlds’ most famous fjords is the place that usually charms us with a few of the most beautiful and idyllic cabins that we have ever seen. This is not about opulence or design ingenuity that showcases something radically new. The Østfold Cabin in Oslofjord archipelago exudes a sense of tranquility and Nordic simplicity that is both timeless and trendy. Created by Lund+Slaatto Architects, the cabin sits on a rocky coastline and will be offering mesmerizing views of the ocean and the scenery beyond. It is the landscape that defines the cabin and yet the tiny structure in glass and wood holds its own within an elegant fashion.

Gorgeous glass and timber cabin in Oslofjord, Norway

It’;s the foundation of the building, the wooden platform it sits on and the angled, pitched roof that shape its outline while cedar wood and glass fashion its exterior. Some blue brings modernity to the cabin while an open plan interior is connected with the deck outside using folding doors. Smart Scandinavian décor and slim pendants give a comfortable living environment with cozy reading nooks and sitting area allowing those inside to take the gorgeous view just outside.

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Folding glass doors start the living area to the deck outside

Living room of the cabin with exquisite sea views

View of the ocean and the coastal landscape from the comfy nook inside the cabin

Scandinavian style decor inside the Norwegian cabin

Relaxing and scenic landscape around the comfy cabin in Norway

Elevated platform gives those inside the cabin lovely views of the coastline

Filtered sunlight along with the modern Scandinavian design of the cabin ushers in a bright and cheerful vibe even while the backdrop becomes the center point even in your kitchen, dining area and bedrooms. Space-savvy design, contemporary fireplace and surfaces draped in wood complete the relaxing getaway. [From: Marte Garmann]

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Lovely cabin on the cost with rocky shore in Oslofjord

Timber slats for the windows offer protection along with ushering in filtered sunlight

Unique folded frame roof of the cabin

Foundation of the cabin gives it a natural boundary

Glass and timber facade of Cabin Ostfold

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