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Moyo Restaurant: Sustainable Agriculture Meets Present day Architecture!

Positioned at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa, the Moyo Restaurant and Urban Farm is a great amalgamation of green design and style and contemporary engineering that aids lead a cleaner life style. The historic harbor of the city delivers a best backdrop for this awesome restaurant and open-air market that was conceptualized and designed by Tsai Design and style Studio. It is one thing to place up a refreshing green living wall in your house and a complete another challenge when you require to design and style a totally self-enough Aquaponic farming program for a bustling restaurant! Designers of the Moyo have completed this job with inimitable charm.

Series of solar panels that power the aquaponics system

There are several green attributes that have been seamlessly integrated into the style of Moyo. An array of photovoltaic panels kind an integral component of the restaurant and energy the water pumps that maintain Aquaponic programs operating at all times. Various sorts of shallow, freshwater fish that incorporate many types of Tilapia are raised in the large tanks at the restaurant. Their waste is used as nutrient for the plants and herbs that are cultivated in the vertical gardens, ensuring that a sustainable cycle works with no any glitches.

Stylish ambiance of the Moyo Restaurant Tilapia and fish ponds at the Moyo Outdoor dining and seating space at the Moyo

There is an incredible display of fresh foods on offer at the restaurant that is speedily turned into delicious cuisine. Cape Town is 1 of the most common destinations on the planet tourist map and the V&A Waterfront delivers the excellent setting for visitors to consider in the regional sights and sounds even though they take pleasure in a wonderful lunch at the Moyo.

A number of modular prefab merchants about the restaurant current a beautiful shopping chance even as you marvel at the sophisticated and ergonomic style of this ingenious new addition to the Cape Town harbor.

Fish ponds powered by photovoltaic solar panels Sustainable aquaponic farming at the Moyo Restaurant Dining experience at the Moyo Restaurant in Cape Town Local produce on showcase at the V&A Waterfront View of the Moyo Restaurant at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

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