Minimalist Wooden Decor Gives Natural Modest Space Options

Contemporary decor and interiors frequently reflect our occupied urban way of life and the consistent race with the clock that we have. Taking a break from this trend and infusing interiors with some all-natural goodness and inviting warmth, the LAX Series of wooden furniture is all about breaking away from monotony. The total assortment has been purposefully kept easy, understated and productive by MASHstudios to advertise a calm and relaxing life-style that does away with the pointless frills and the excesses. The most recent additions to the assortment attribute a beautiful area-conserving platform bed along with wonderful entertainment shelf and some captivating wall-mounted table options.

Low entertainment shelf inw ood with sliding door

Fitting effortlessly into modest studio apartments and present day residences that are short on room, these fabulous decor additions enable you to organize your property in an efficient and aesthetic manner. The low enjoyment shelf is for the compact residing rooms that need a beautiful, nevertheless unassuming focal stage which is proportional to the rest of the room. Coming in a multitude of finishes, you can even opt for snazzy unit that features an electroplated sliding cover! The platform bed, with its 8 huge rolling drawers and a custom headboard that conceals additional storage shelves, is yet another wonderful new entry that blends kind and function fluently.

Electroplated door for minimalist entertainment unit Storage Platform Bed LAX Series Platform bed from MASH Concealed Drawers of the platform bed Wall mounted work table with sliding door Wooden bookcase doubles as room divider and display

The LAX wall-mounted desk swiftly turns that forgotten corner in the living area, bedroom or even the corridor into an instant house office. Extending this space-conscious style into the kitchen, the wall-mounted dining table makes it possible for you to create an instant breakfast nook or a small dining setup without having going overboard. Complementing these tables superbly is the 4ࡨ bookcase that also appears charming as a easy display cabinet in the dining spot or even as a whimsical area divider. And completing the newest arrival listing is the marvelous storage bench with a sliding felt seat that makes it possible for you to tuck away all the mess.

All of the furnishings in the LAX collection are crafted locally in the US and the highest sustainable standards are maintained, to cut down on the carbon footprint. Crafted from reliable English Walnut and free of charge of formaldehyde glue and other toxins, the furniture is also a must have for the eco-aware. Considering that MASH employs engineered wood, wastage is kept to a bare minimum and even the aluminum sliding doors employed in the Assortment are created of 25% recyclable aluminum! Tough, timeless and trendy, they promise to resolve your area and fashion conundrums!

Minimalist wooden wall mounted dining table Stylish wall mounted breakfast nook table in wood Modern wall mounted table at bar height Stylish storage bench from LAX Series by MASH Wooden 3X shlef with base and metal door Sliding metal door on the entertainment unit

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