Miner’s Shelter: Small Desert Dwelling Clad In Glass And Steel

There are occasions in our lives when all of us would love to escape the day-to-day rush and locate that simple retreat that provides just the bare minimum. Taking away the continual connectivity and the unending electronic noise can in fact be a boon. Hailing from the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Dave Frazee tried to emulate the wonderful architect as he conjured up and created this modest and compact desert shelter. Even though this lovely small glass box is not a complete-fledged tiny residence by any stretch if the imagination, it certain is a sturdy desert shelter in the heart of the dusty outback near Taliesin, Arizona. Developed on an present concrete block and chimney, the Miner’s Shelter nevertheless woos you with its rustic charm.

Tiny glass and steel desert shelter

The strategy of modest living was began in this neck of the woods by the wonderful architect himself and coming from his college of architecture, it is barely surprising that the pupil attempted to emulate the master in the truest sense. As an alternative of creating a short-term shelter, Dave opted to go down a more everlasting route. Making use of straightforward steel posts, he connected the compact box that he crafted to the current chimney and concrete block. Clad in glass and exposed steel, the addition appears like a all-natural extension of the surrounding landscape and enables these within to consider in the several sights and sounds outside.

The tiny steel and glass box only has ample area for a single bed and a corner shelf that houses the candles which offer you the needed illumination at evening. Glass windows that open like wings help cool the interior in a normal method and the chimney comes in useful for the duration of the harsh winter months. The box shelter even has a tiny patio in the front in which you can loosen up under the stars! A straightforward design and style that is in tune with its surroundings…

Glass windows offer a view of the world outside Candles offer lighting at night time in the lonely desert dwelling Sliding glass doors for the concrete shelter Cleverly constructed Miner's Shelter by Dave Frazee Miner's Shelter in the Arizona Desert Glass and concrete tiny shelter blends into the backdrop Blueprint of the simple shelter Keeping the Design Simple

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