Make Your Own Modern day DIY Hanging Planter

Right now I’m sharing my most recent DIY venture with Decoist readers: a contemporary hanging planter. Just in time for spring, this easy-to-assemble creation celebrates clean lines and inexpensive layout. Not to mention, getting a number of supplies can let you to craft numerous planters–hanging them in a group makes a massive effect. Go through on for all the layout information…

This DIY project is ideal for small lightweight planters

This DIY task is best for modest light-weight planters

Before listing the supplies and measures, I want to emphasize the reality that this task works best when tiny, lightweight pots are involved, this kind of as the aqua selection over. For a lot of of the pictures, I function the olive green planter shown under. It’s a medium size, which makes it effortless to photograph. However, when getting a pot for this undertaking, I recommend a modest size for maximum sturdiness!

DIY hanging planter

DIY hanging planter

Not to mention, succulents are best selections for this DIY hanging planter. Not only are they low-maintenance, they truly shine in clean-lined containers:

DIY planter with succulent

DIY planter with succulent

DIY Hanging Planter Supplies

Right here’s what you’ll need as you get started the undertaking:

  • A light-weight planter
  • A drill and a small-ish bit
  • Resilient string (I used parachute cord)
  • Metal shower curtain rings
  • Plants and potting soil
  • A sizzling glue gun (not pictured)
DIY hanging planter supplies

DIY hanging planter supplies

When selecting your greenery, take into account the color of the pot you will be using to craft the planter. I love the way the a lot of shades of the succulents in the up coming image stand out towards the olive green of the pot:

Succulents and a lime green planter

Succulents and a lime green planter

Not to mention, considering that this planter will be hanging over you, you will want to pick plants that stand out and include height and/or volume. That way they’ll be visible from your ground-level viewpoint.

Gather your plants

Gather your plants

Hanging Planter Task Actions

Step one: Drill a hole on each side of the planter. 

I’ll be sincere–the olive green planter was a bit tough to drill via. Make positive you pick a pot that isn’t as well thick. Lightweight metal is a excellent selection, as is lightweight plastic or wood. If the planter is slippery, drill carefully, and you may possibly make a decision to secure or clamp the pot in spot before you drill for extra steadiness. In addition, you may want to put on goggles to protect your eyes.

Drill holes in the sides of the planter

Drill holes in the sides of the planter

Stage 2: Cut your string to the desired length (you will have 2 identical pieces) and spot both ends of 1 piece via one particular of the holes of your planter. This will make your string kind 1 lengthy loop (proven beneath). Use the free ends to tie a knot in the within of the planter. 

Knot the rope several occasions for further security. You might then select to pull the string toward the inside of the planter so there is excess slack, make a loop, feed the knot by means of, and then tigh8. This creates yet an additional knot for extra sturdiness.

Knot your string on the inside of the planter

Knot your string on the within of the planter

3. When you’ve completed tying the knot on 1 side, repeat the procedure on the other side of the planter. 

Consider to make certain that each side characteristics a lengthy loop roughly the same length. Don’t be concerned if there is a slight distinction. There will be a way to proper length issues when it’s time to hang the planter.

Form loops with the string on either side of the planter

Type loops with the string on either side of the planter

Stage 4: Trim the extra string, then dab the ends with sizzling glue and very carefully press them down against the knot so they are held in area.

Use caution when handling hot glue. If your glue gun is not temperature managed, don’t chance a burn. Use tweezers to secure the glue-y string in spot.

Secure the knots with glue

Safe the knots with glue

Phase 5: Slip the ends of the prolonged, looped string onto one shower ring, then snap the ring closed. 

The shower ring brings every little thing collectively whilst offering a loop for hanging functions. If one particular side of your planter string is longer than the other, basically wrap it around the shower ring. This picks up extra slack!

Attach the loops to a metal ring

Attach the loops to a metal ring

Phase 6: Time to plant! 

Include soil to the pot, then position your plants as preferred. Have entertaining arranging the greenery to create your composition of choice!

Let the planting begin

Allow the planting commence

Present day Hanging Planter Show Pointers

I’ll end nowadays’s publish with a series of suggestions and pointers that support this project to go smoothly. For starters, really feel free to include rocks and crystals to your arrangement for added bling:

Succulents fill this DIY planter

Succulents fill this DIY planter

As mentioned, this undertaking functions very best with small planters. If you have any query about the sturdiness of your planter when hanging, think about incorporating a third hole/loop to regular the pot and include assistance. Basically make positive the holes are evenly spaced, secure the string in location, and join all 3 loops with the shower curtain ring.

Add rocks or crystals for a special touch

Include rocks or crystals for a unique touch

Not to mention, bigger planters benefit from stronger cords. For illustration, not only could the olive green planter over advantage from a third hole and additional string support, it would be even stronger if a metal chain have been employed rather of the parachute cord.

Craft your own DIY hanging planter

Craft your personal DIY hanging planter

Depending on where you hook the prime of your planter, the pot might hang at an angle that you’re not crazy about seeing. Basically include one more shower curtain ring to the prime, and the planter will flip to encounter yet another path, leaving it’s ideal side dealing with you. Not to mention, the additional ring assists the planter to hang a bit lower, which may be best for your outdoor room.

Add a second ring to change the position of the planter

Add a second ring to alter the position of the planter

I enjoyed using pots in 2 colours–they mixed to type an fascinating vignette towards the back wall of our yard, which also happens to be the back of our neighbor’s home.

Aqua DIY hanging planter

Aqua DIY hanging planter

It’s beige, so a touch of aqua is a welcome addition. Here’s a see of the planter hanging from the leading of my trellis:

Small DIY hanging planter

Little DIY hanging planter

Not only do these planters help create a modern, natural appear in your outdoor room, they would make remarkable presents for holidays and other specific events, this kind of as Mom’s Day.

Hanging planters help welcome the spring

Hanging planters aid welcome the spring

I hope you loved nowadays’s submit. Keep in mind that very good style doesn’t have to be accompanied by an pricey cost tag. I utilized 2 planters I already had, then paid $ 2.50 for the third. Not to mention, the succulents were all around $ 3 apiece. The pack of shower rings was a whopping $ 6, and I have plenty of rings left above for long term planters. Satisfied crafting!

This DIY planter has a modern look

This DIY planter has a contemporary search

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