Luxury Waterfront Condominium With Expansive Views of NYC Skyline: One particular Riverside Park

A lovely and opulent apartment with magnificent 360 degree views of the New York City skyline and the Hudson River is an integral portion of the greatest American dream. The One Riverside Park is a skyscraper taking shape in the upper west side of Manhattan that guarantees all the residents of its 219 residential units all a best backdrop to live their own version of this cherished dream! Given that it is the last potentially remaining Riverside South site, the expansive constructing is all set to be house to some of the most sought-after real estate in all of NYC. And including immense worth to these personal residences is the silken touch of interior designer Shamir Shah that promises to drape you in luxury.

Facade of the One Riverside Park

The renowned designer brings his own special and engaging type to the interiors of this exclusive residential tower with a look that moves away from the mundane and the monotonous. Rather of producing a sterile and super-sleek living setting, we are welcomed with a multitude of hues and textures that exude sophistication and a restrained lavishness. Having been born in Kenya, Shamir induces warm, inviting shades that borrow from the earthy and organic design of African Design. Nevertheless, the general ambiance is nevertheless kept largely cosmopolitan and is fitting for an elite New York condominium.

The near proximity to the Hudson River naturally indicates that the backdrop is integrated into the interiors utilizing huge glass windows and doors. Iconic views of the Manhattan Skyline as the lights consider in excess of make each and every residence even much more incredible and dreamy. Additions in the lobby like the and-chosen mural New York artist, Malcolm Hill make this luxury tower in Riverside South even a lot more alluring for design and style aficionadosThe very ideal for New York’s best!

Media room with views of New York City Skyline Living room designed by Shamir Shah for One Riverside Park New York City Residence Dining Room with Hudson River as the backdrop Lavish bedroom of the residence at One Riverside Park with New York City view Lobby with a blend of natural materials and modern design style Fireplace in the Living Room Kitchen inside the luxurious New York Residence Master bathroom with a relaxing natural ambiance Exquisite lobby of the One Riverside Park One Riverside Park structure in New York City

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