Limerick House: Countryside Victorian House Gets the Timber Contemporary Extension

An old home that does not take full advantage of landscape this sits within and the surroundings outside – it sounds as an all too acquainted story in the wonderful world of modern home structures which includes sense associated with historic previous. But the Limerick House within Eganstown , Australia provides this acquainted story the rustic and comfortable twist as the new expansion opens up the inside to the landscapes outside whilst blending along with the stoic Victorian house next to this. The form from the new add-on with its gabled roof plus overall sizing matches those of the original house and its 3 different obstructs. Spotted chewing gum decking planks that are discolored in dark are used to protect the exterior whilst lighter, sterling silver oak planks take over inside.

Limerick Home extension nationwide extends a vintage Victorian home

Created by Solomon Troup Architects, the particular addition supplies a new interpersonal setting for the whole family by having an open strategy kitchen, eating area plus family region. White could be the color of option in the kitchen since stainless steel areas bringing shimmer and pizazz. A large outdoor patio extends this particular new inside outside and provides the home owners an opportunity to take pleasure in the country hillside and its several sights and sounds within an unhindered style. Décor in the home is definitely kept guaranteed unassuming along with modern home furniture finding area next to a lot more rustic parts.

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New expansion becomes a entrance between the internal and the countryside landscape outdoors

Look at of the hills and panorama is delivered indoors from the new expansion

Dark stained noticed gum decking boards for that exterior from the extension

Contemporary expansion with countryside exterior plus woodsy elegance

Gorgeous modern cooking area and dining area of the Victorian home expansion

Whitened and wooden kitchen from the Victorian house extension

Woodsy silvertop ash coating boards form the interior from the extension

Large steel entry doors when open up blur the particular lines between interior as well as the world outdoors and the may also be completely shut in cooler winter months or even when home owners need personal privacy. Sensible in the overall type, space-savvy plus modern, this particular Aussie expansion upgrades the Victorian house by giving this elements it woefully does not have. [Photography: Tatjana Plitt]

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Greenery and wood boards provide the extension the cozy, contemporary appeal

Kitchen windows above the particular counter provides views from the landscape outdoors

Contemporary Limerick Home Extension within Victoria

Smartly lighted reading space in the residing area

Deck from the extension provides unabated sights of the moving mountains

Entry towards the Limerick Home

Contemporary extension alongside the Victorian house within Melbourne

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