Impressive Apartment In Moscow Combines Minimalism With Frugality!

Often, we marvel at gorgeous minimalist interiors that have been meticulously and meticulously crafted by prime notch designers making use of globe class decor and design and style. These homes may amaze you with their sleek sophistication and elegance, but they come with a heavy cost tag as properly. Found in Moscow, this striking all-white renovated apartment though, was crafted by Vladimir Malashonok, keeping in thoughts not just aesthetics but also economics! The ingenious Russian designer had to operate on a rather tight price range and so he utilized laminated panels, tiles, gypsum to craft a residence that seems a whole lot much more luxurious and affluent than it ever deserved to.

Modern minimalist apartment in Moscow

The dramatic use of contrasting hues and textures is rather obvious the moment you stage into the property. The pristine white backdrop is accentuated by use of stylish decor in matching white, which enhances the whole color scheme. Laminated surfaces in dark tones offer you the essential contrast and however deal with to match in perfectly with the minimum technique. An open program residing spot, prospects to the bedroom which utilizes material accents in the color of the laminate to paint a coherent picture.

Use of the PH Artichoke pendant above the dining location will take you by surprise and also shows you how very easily the Mid-Century Present day creations from numerous decades ago nevertheless look related even in a cutting-edge, modern day atmosphere. Refined and wise, it is a fascinating renovation that will get the occupation carried out with out breaking the bank!

Laminated panels offer contrast to the white backdrop Compact living area with plush sofa Minimal living space in white with wooden accents Stunning minimalist apartment by Vladimir Malashonok Stylish sectional sofa with the dining area behind it Decor that is both posh and minimal

The renovated room includes the hall, guest lavatory, combined kitchen/living room/dining area, the cabinet, the master bedroom with a bathroom and a health club. Designed to serve a household of 2, it offers a elegant, nevertheless tranquil retreat.

PH Light in white above the dining space Sleek workstation in white Gorgeous minimalist bedroom in pristine white Bedsheets and quilt covers add the accent hue Contemporary bathroom in white

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