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How to Use Mirrors to Efficiently Open Up Your Space

It is a effectively identified reality that big mirrors, if hung appropriately, can give the illusion of more space. Whether you reside in a modest space, or merely want to open up your residing area, including a number of desirable mirrors can easily achieve the seem of a bigger area with out taking a sledgehammer to a single wall (although that does sound somewhat a lot more fun!)

large mirror living room

Cary Bernstein Architect – Choy 2 Residence

Right here are some useful tips for hanging mirrors to open up your residing region –

Reflecting Light

You can very easily double the quantity of light in a room by including a mirror or 2. However, this is some thing you will want to do carefully as too a lot of mirrors can make a space seem far more like a carnival funhouse than a stately residence. Hanging a mirror a foot or so behind a hanging chandelier or opposite a window can reflect light superbly, but much more than one massive mirror will make the area truly feel awkwardly bright.

dining room with big mirror

Mandarina Studio – Cambridge Residence

huge mirrors in the living room

Michael Abrams – Modern living area in Chicago

bathroom mirror to enlarge space

Architects & Designers Creating NYC

Reduce the Look of Clutter

If you’re like most homeowners, you have at least a little quantity of junk secretly hidden behind 1 or a lot more cabinet doors someplace in your home. Nevertheless, as well a lot of closed doors can shrink a area. A single helpful trick is to trade out your wooden or glass fronted cabinet doors with mirrored doors. This will give guests the feeling that your space is broad open and clutter-free of charge, even if you’re harboring loads of junk.

fancy mirros

Fluegge Interior Design and style / Orange County Dining Area

bathroom mirror to enlarge the space

Leland Interiors / Nashville Master Bath

stairs mirror to enlarge room

HP Rovinelli Architects / Residing room in Boston

enlarge space with mirror

Amelie de Gaulle Interiors / Nashville downtown penthouse

Faux Windows & Mirror Walls

For interior rooms and rooms devoid of windows, accomplishing the feel of further space can usually be challenging. Thankfully, windows can have the identical effect as a window. Though they may not provide a view into the outside planet, they break up wall area in a subtle and aesthetically pleasing way. Even though a huge piece of wall art closes a space too a lot, a mirror of the exact same dimension can speedily include dimension to the room.

beautiful dining room with wall mirror

Lindsay von Hagel / Frisco: Brad and Tiffany

mirror wall in the dining room

ABCD Design LLC / Ecletic Soho Loft

bathroom mirror wall gives feeling of space

Ian Moore Architects / Strelein Warehouse

So will you use mirrors?

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