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Group Austria Layout LISI Wins Solar Decathlon 2013!

Vienna University of Engineering and their LISI Residence wooed judges and site visitors alike to grab the best prize at U.S. Division of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013. The prestigious occasion noticed a photo-finish of kinds with Crew Austria beating University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) by mere 4.35 factors. Thinking about that the teams are judged out of a total 1000 points spread across different facets of sustainable design like vitality production, efficiency, ergonomics and actual planet appeal, the margin for error is indeed quite tiny. Rounding off the podium finishers is the Czech Technical University that completed an agonizing 2.43 factors behind UNLV!

LISI by Vienna University of Technology wins Solar Decathlon 2013

Individuals who did adhere to our preview of the very best green residences at Solar Decathlon 2013 will don’;t forget that we did have all the 3 teams pegged as frontrunners to view out for at the event. Thinking about the margin of the victories, it goes unsaid that the real winner at the event was well and truly clean-power housing that also carries along with it a fashionable present day approach and modern elegance. LISI from Staff Austria showcased this with its ultra-modern layout, wise use of solar power, a present day kitchen, pretty patio and an appealing outside vertical garden.

Interior of LISI - Winner of 2013 Solar Decathlon Lovely living room of sustainable solar home from Team Austria Spacious living room of LISI Home Dining space with wooden table

If there is a single truly universal design and style at the Solar Decathlon, then LISI would almost certainly be it. It reminds us of productive Scandinavian design elegance and ergonomics wrapped with each other with type. A actually international design, LISI is like that ideal blank canvas that is prepared to be filled with your personal distinct decor!

Ergonomic bedroom of LISI in dark colors Mirror makes the bedroom appear far more airy Modern bathroom inside sustainable home Cool slats allow for natural ventilation

Crew Austria’s pretty use of wood as a sustainable developing material along with the progressive green additions definitely turned the tide in its favor over other favorites like Stanford University and CTU that had been in the lead early on. University of North Carolina backed the People’s Selection Award, as the occasion showcased how planet-pleasant style is not only energy-productive, but also appealing and cost-effective.

And as the sun sets on this year’s Solar Decathlon, we are convinced that a new dawn awaits beautiful eco-pleasant residences in the coming decade!

Energy efficinet applainces used in LISI Home Bathroom vanity in wood Patio of the solar home Sliding glass doors connect patio with living room Central garden area of LISI House by Team Austria Outdoor vertical garden idea

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