Glamorous Apartment in Paris Dazzles With Extravagance

The word glamour is often overused in the planet of entertainment and style. But this exquisite apartment in Paris is truly deserving of the title. Draped largely in a black and white shade scheme, its beautiful layout and the use of brilliant metallic accents in a golden tint usher in a sense of indulgent opulence. With Paris currently being the vogue headquarters of the planet, you naturally do not anticipate anything at all diverse from a posh apartment in Saint Germain. But even judging by the irrationally substantial fashion standards of the city, this sizzling apartment shines by means of with amazing charm.

Black and white living space with golden accents

Architect Aziza Oren and interior designers Anna Epstein and Ety Azougy from Ando Studio have been the minds behind the creation of this substantial-finish space that is clad in a visually distinct monochromatic shade scheme. The residing area functions a plenty of black and white stripes in the form of accent pillows and framed images that trend a theatrical setting. The sense of drama is further enhanced with the use fantastic decor that oozes class and comfort.

Mirror frames and accessories in come with a golden finish, offering the apartment an air of royalty, whilst twin purple accent chairs hold their own in the lavish area. Intricate style on the walls marble floors in black and white and remarkable lighting installations make sure that the layout scheme flows from 1 space to one more.

Stylish apartment in Saint Germain, Paris Decor that brings together the classic and modern Black and white wall art with beautiful wall sconces next to it Plush purple accent in the monochromatic living room Mirror frame and a collage of photos in the living space Interesting decor addition inside the apartment Hint of metallic brilliance with candle holders large pendant lights illuminate the gorgeous hallway

A prolonged corridor leads to a narrow kitchen and a marvelous dining space that looks to the aura of exclusivity inside the apartment (If that was ever achievable!) A master bedroom with 4 poster bed and a master bath total the space. Borrowing from traditional French layout and contemporary colour palettes, this seems like a property for individuals who get pleasure from unabashed affluence!

Long, narrow kitchen that is both stylish and ergonomic Creative lighting above the glitzy dining table Dining room that exudes affluance Beautiful bedroom ith a 4-poster bed Bedroom table with ornate decorations PH Lighting in the amazing black and white bathroom Floating vanity with twin sinks and mirrors with golden trims

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