French Nation Interior Style Suggestions

Distressed furniture. Glistening chandeliers. Patterned materials. All-natural components. These components of French country interior design are effortless to integrate at house, and the outcome is a seem that is feminine, rustic and chic. It’s effortless to image French country fashion in an elegant chateau, but you might be shocked by how effectively the search can be adapted to present day spaces, specifically when a clean, uncluttered impact is the target. Nowadays we share a handful of crucial traits of French country design and style, from the conventional basics to some unexpected twists…

Curves and Frills

If you’re naturally drawn to ruffles, you’re properly acquainted with one particular feature of French country interior layout. However the frills may not be as clear as you may possibly consider. Check out the French country-meets-contemporary space beneath. There’s a definite softness to the space, which includes arched windows and doorways, chairs with rounded backs, and a chandelier filled with curves. Nevertheless the area is anything but cluttered. Yes, French country style can be adapted to match a assortment of preferences! [from Braswell Business]

French country meets contemporary

French nation meets modern

Patterns utilized in French nation spaces also incorporate their share of curves and frills. In the up coming featured space, we see matching wallpaper and upholstery. Note the intricate pattern, as properly as the ornate particulars on the furniture, light fixtures and mirror… [from Homesick Designs]

Blue wallpapered room

Blue wallpapered space

French nation furnishings are often rounded rather than linear. There is ample opportunity for curved frames, scalloped edges and gathered fabric. [from Warmington & North]

French country seating area

French country seating location

Stylish Lighting

A single confident-fire way to add a dash of French nation style to your interior: incorporate classy lighting. Chandeliers are usually the statement pieces of decision, as they are shining counterparts to earthier touches this kind of as wooden beams and distressed furnishings. [from Howard Bankston & Publish]

French country interior

French country interior

One particular large chandelier can become the focal level of the area, as shown in the property of designer Charles Spada, constructed in 1652. Then once more, this area has many amaing pieces. From the busts on pillars to the quirky vases on both side of the mantel, the thoughtfully designed room reminds us that a number of sudden add-ons can breathe new daily life into French nation design. [from Interior Layout Files]

Chic French country living room

Chic French country residing room

Chandeliers absolutely add an upscale element to the French country area. Nevertheless, in a lot of rooms, they are anything at all but formal, specifically when aspects such as mismatched chairs and distressed doors populate the region. [from Dreamy Whites]

French country flourishes

French nation flourishes

An additional component of French country design: the use of wrought iron accents. The chandelier beneath is iron rather than crystal, which completely fits this kitchen dining spot. Also note the use of charming greenery in terracotta pots… [from Amy Birdsong]

Statement lighting in a French country kitchen

Statement lighting in a French country kitchen

Distressed Furnishings

If you’re seeking for one particular much more signature way to add French nation design to your space, try out incorporating distressed furniture. Distressed pieces have a worn and weathered seem. Whether they are accurate antiques that have acquired rough edges over time or you’ve taken a piece of sandpaper to your painted desk, the effect is a accurate lived-in look that generates a sense of comfort. [from Greatest & Company]

French country design

French nation design

Beneath we see a distressed chair paired with a weathered dining table. Note the contrast in between the table’s white base and the dark wooden prime… [from The Virginia Home]

Distressed table and chair in a French country dining nook

Distressed table and chair in a French country dining nook

Our final featured picture is a fashionable reminder that clean-lined pieces CAN function in French nation spaces. This space attributes the Cucina Sideboard from Crate & Barrel, which boasts doors with a organic finish. The piece would actually blend properly with distressed furnishings while adding a present day touch. [from]

Distressed wood sideboard

Distressed wood sideboard

Don’t fail to remember that minor information can add a great deal to your French country room. Include whimsical elements, such as unusual seashells. Not to mention, a vase of flowers can go a long way when it comes to French nation interior design. Happy decorating!

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