Eye-Catching Laundry Room Shelving Concepts

Are you hunting to add shelving to your laundry area? Kate here, and if you study Decoist on a normal basis, you possibly know that I’ve been a bit laundry area-obsessed recently! In truth, I’m in the middle of a laundry space makeover at my location.

It all commenced when I wrote a publish on organizing the laundry area in style, which coincided with 1 of my laundry room tasks at residence. Even my posts on painting cabinets and geometric style inspiration were inspired by my very own DIY undertaking in the functions–embellishing my laundry area cabinets with a geometric design. And yes, when I wrote about storage boxes and baskets, I was motivated by my very own hunt for these objects. For the laundry space! [from Visbeen Architects]

Variety of laundry room shelving options

Range of laundry space shelving choices

Now that I’ve come clean, I’ll share yet another secret: I’m placing the finishing touches on my laundry space by generating my shelving for this room both functional and elegant. Hopefully the pictures below will aid you do the identical. Whether or not you’re in the method of constructing a house and are looking for custom shelving tips or you’re having to make the most of what you’ve got, examine out the laundry area shelving tips that comply with. When my laundry area makeover is complete, I’ll share the final results here on Decoist. Share your ideas as well by leaving a comment at the finish of the submit…

Built-In Laundry Room Shelving

Developed-in shelving is a customizable way to add storage to your interior. It seamlessly blends with your room, and in the laundry area, it supplies a spot to place necessities this kind of as detergent, clothespins and other cleansing merchandise. [from Properly-Created Interiors]

Built-in laundry room shelving

Constructed-in laundry area shelving

If you’re able to include created-in shelving to your laundry area, contemplate the place in which the shelving would be the most beneficial. This decision will probably rely on the layout of the space, as effectively as the accessible area. A single best spot: above the washer and dryer. Numerous laundry rooms also characteristic shelving beneath the countertops. The laundry space beneath incorporates helpful wire pull-out drawers. [from transFORM]

Open shelving with pullout drawers in a crisp laundry room

Open shelving with pull-out drawers in a crisp laundry room

Another well-known spot for laundry area shelving: within cabinets and closets! That’s appropriate–sometimes it’s good to conceal cleaning merchandise behind closed doors. Also note the island laundry area shelving in the image beneath. [from Canny]

Laundry room cabinets and island shelving

Laundry space cabinets and island shelving

Many laundry rooms feature a blend of developed-in cabinet and open shelving. [from Witt Building]

Laundry room with cabinet and under-counter shelving

Laundry space with cabinet and beneath-counter shelving

Open, Wall-Mounted Laundry Area Shelving

Open shelving in the laundry space puts almost everything on display. Which is valuable when needing to quickly grab objects such as detergent and dryer sheets. But open shelving also makes organization all the more necessary… [from Georgia Coast Design & Development]

Open shelving in an organized laundry room

Open shelving in an organized laundry area

The laundry space beneath functions shelving from IKEA, which is beautifully appointed with objects that are both sensible and eye-catching. Recognize how the metal building of the shelves generates an industrial modern seem that’s perfect for a useful room aiming to be stylish. [from KitchenLab]

Laundry room with open shelving and subway tile

Laundry area with open shelving and subway tile

For a customizable way to add open shelving, examine out the Platinum elfa Laundry Center from The Container Store, which is adjustable to match the needs of your room. The Container Store offers a slew of easy-t0-customize elfa shelving merchandise that are perfect for the laundry space. There’s even a clothing rod in the shelving method beneath, delivering the best spot for hanging not-quite-dry things.

Customizable laundry room shelving center from elfa

Customizable laundry room shelving center from elfa

Don’t fail to remember that in addition to shelving, you can create your very own wall-mounted organizational programs in the laundry area, as proven by the pegboard under. Hang wire baskets and other supplies from the hooks in the pegboard, and you’re set! It appears that this laundry space is also a present-wrapping center… [from Jalin Design]

Organized laundry room filled with storage options

Organized laundry space filled with storage choices

Laundry Room Shelving Storage and Decor Possibilities

Choosing on the kind of shelving and exactly where to set up it is just the starting. Now comes the crucial task of putting your shelving to good use. How a lot of the space will be decorative and how considerably will be purely sensible? The open shelving under houses a assortment of items, from detergent to paper towels. There are also a number of particular touches, this kind of as ar2rk and sculptural coral. [from Redbud Construction Services through Houzz]

Storage and decor on laundry room shelves

Storage and decor on laundry area shelves

Loose items should be contained in baskets, bins and canisters. Even so, you want to hold much-utilized things inside of arm’s attain…. [from Mascord Residence Strategies]

Laundry room shelving and accessories

Laundry room shelving and equipment

A single increasingly popular laundry area trend: storing laundry detergent and other necessities in penny candy jars, as shown beneath. [from New Every Morning]

Candy jar filled with laundry detergent

Candy jar filled with laundry detergent

Glass canisters are one more efficient option. Use them to hold useful objects, this kind of as cleaning brushes and security pins. They can even have decorative things for a special touch. Under we see a Set of 3 Glass Canisters from Crate & Barrel:

Trio of glass canisters

Trio of glass canisters

Don’t fail to remember that your laundry area storage options can add a healthful dose of color to your interior. For instance, the underneath-counter baskets beneath are a sizzling shade of red, the best accent colour for a black and white area. [from Smithouse Building]

Bright red baskets on laundry room shelving

Vibrant red baskets on laundry room shelving

We finish with a reminder that you can decorate your laundry space just like you’d decorate any other room in the residence. Yes, it’s a practical room, but you will probably be spending plenty of time here. If it helps make you smile, you will be empowered in your chores and residence improvement endeavors. [from Lucy Interior Design and style]

Colorful laundry room shelving idea

Colorful laundry room shelving notion

Paint your shelves for an additional pop of color. You can paint the inside of your open shelving, as proven over, or you can paint the total surface of cabinets and shelves, as proven under. On a side note, refreshing shades of green look to be a popular decision for laundry rooms time and once again! [from Patterns by BSB]

Painted laundry room shelving

Painted laundry area shelving

Don’t fail to remember the plants! In the laundry room of life-style and entertaining guru Camille Variations, we see an accent of potted greenery, as well as a vase of radiant flowers:

Plant and floral touches in an organized laundry room

Plant and floral touches in an organized laundry space

I’m officially inspired to finish my laundry area makeover! Still essential: storage baskets, containers and a plant. I’ll hold you posted on my progress. Feel free of charge to share your laundry room makeover ideas beneath…

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