Exactly where Sophistication Meets Sweeping Old Arches: Optic Shop Renovation

A trip to the optic shop may not come with good deal in terms of design expectations, however when you want your organization to shine though and also have an identity of its, then it pays to be different! Set within the confines a pleasant, classic building in Girona , Spain the Optic Shop Renovation is a project completed by Arnau Vergés Tejero also it delicately and diligently combines old world ham with modern sophistication and new-age minimalism. In addition to the gorgeous arches just beyond your atrium, the shop also utilized that already-present wooden window frames, to give the all-white interior a warmer ambiance.

Minimal and classy facade of the Optic Store

Step beyond the lovely exterior and something finds a lovely, curated and polished interior where the focus firmly remains on your optic needs. Rather than tucking away the workshop in the trunk, as is frequently the norm, it really is placed front and center and because of the customers. It is the optician’s consulting room, the office, the storage and the service rooms that sit in the back while cool lighting and walls in white shape the setting for the display wall. It feels as though stepping in to an optic shop unlike any other where clarity with regards to both design and execution hold sway.

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Classic arches and atrium give the exterior a unique look

Classic arches of the building stand as opposed to the minimal store front

Wooden framed glass windows from the original store are preserved and enhanced

Sophisticated and smart design of modern optical store in Spain

Front facade of the revamped Optic Shop Renovation in Spain

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Display in the store feels polished and elegant

Interior of the Optic Shop Renovation in Spain

“It’s when I sleep that I could see clearly”, the poet said. But all of us desire to see obviously also whenever we are awake. When we get a commission to redesign an optic center, we imagine a clear, bright, intelligent and rational space. We omit any confusion or ambiguity, being aware of the functions that are to be developed through the experience that we undertake.

A straight layer of lighting in the store creates a pleasant environment

Floor plan of Optic Shop renovation in Spain

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