Elevate Your Bedroom Fashion With These Posh Modern Beds

Bringing higher-finish modern Italian house furnishings to the US East Coast for almost 2 decades now is Anima Domus. Their comprehensive collection characteristics decor that combines uber-modern aesthetics with luxury that is discernible. Nowadays we take a look at 4 incredible, sleek and opulent beds that guarantee to redefine the ambiance of your bedroom with maximum comfort. Moving away from the mundane, this captivating quartet also ushers in the illusion of a ‘floating bed’ while currently being firmly grounded!

Aqua bed by Presotto Italia is a modern classic

Even though we typically spend hundreds of hrs on bedroom color schemes, designs and themes, we forget about the most important factor of the bedroom. It is time to redecorate this element of your residence and turn the bed into a ravishing focal level that steals the demonstrate. And these spectacular beds get the task done with effortless ease.

Aqua: Scandinavian Minimalism

There is anything inherently organic and minimum about Scandinavian design that is simply undeniable. It would seem like Presotto Italia borrowed from the traditional Nordic design and style when they crafted the Aqua. Manufactured from a single piece of curved multi-plywood, this contemporary bed brings visual lightness to a modest room even though including the inviting warmth of wood. Crisp, uncomplicated lines and a touch of curved magic make certain that you have a actual showstopper that merges both the platform bed and the sleigh bed.

Aqua borrows from the form of the classic sleigh bed Combine warm wooden tones with modern minimalism in the bedroom Make your bed the focal point of the room with Aqua Simple, minimal design of stunning contemporary bed Smooth, curved headboard of Aqua 2 pull-out trays at the head of the bed serve as nightstands

A Hovering Illusion!

The idea of a bed that is floating in thin air is a notion that fascinates us all. It appears to bring out the small child within us who craves something magical and enchanting. Even though this kind of awe-inspiring, levitating magnetic beds may well be out of your attain, both Plana and Filo deliver a similar visual result with out breaking the bank! Coming with an nearly invisible meth-acrylate base, these beds certainly give the onlooker an impression that they are without a doubt floating in midair! Whilst Filo has an extended flank that doubles as the bedside table, Plana is totally manufactured out of eco-pleasant components.

Stylish bed looks like it is floating in air thanks to the meth-acrylate basement Plana Eco-Friendly Bed from Anima Domus Extended headboard serves as side table for the minimalist bed Exclusive Filo Bed by Anima Domus

Comfort of Reflex

From the audacious, we move on to the opulent. Reflex may well not match the splendor of Aqua or paint a image that is as gorgeous as the ones with Plana and Filo. But this elegant bed pampers you with a lot of luxury and is perfect for people seeking to strike a stability among semi-minimalism and contemporary styles. It is the reclining characteristic of the person headboards that can make it a dream for those who love to catch up with a web page-turner just before they doze off. Simplicity and understated class…

Sleek, floating side table to complement the modern bed Gorgeous Reflex Bed with reclining headboard feature Comfy contemporary bed with aluminum legs

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