Classy ETNA Wood Candle Holders Inspired By Fiery Volcanoes!

Fall is quickly drawing to a close and many components of the planet already are beginning to expertise early winter chills. This obviously will see most of us invest bulk of our time indoors as we drape ourselves with warm and snug material. And now is also the greatest time to light up your residence with candles and to increase the romantic ambiance of your house! Created by María J. Vargas & Daniel García for Woodendot, the ETNA Collection of wood candle holders is the perfect way to bring residence the captivating charm of candles this festive season!

Wood candle holders design

ETNA is a large wood candle holder that draws its inspiration from the kind of a mercurial volcano. Crafted from top-notch sound pine wood, the candle holder mimics the conical outline of a volcano, whilst the colour highlight at the top evokes the photos of molten lava gradually generating its way across the volcanic leading. Whilst these candle holders consider and imitate the imagery of a sizzling and active volcano, they are pretty safe to use and a glass cup at the leading makes confident that they flame is never ever in contact with solid wood.

These sensible and sleek candle holders also come in a compact kind as the ETNA Mini offers you a opportunity to light up the dining table or the fireplace mantle in an aesthetic and exquisite manner. Clad in wood, these carry a hint of organic appeal to contemporary spaces and their sustainable design and style can make them a fine choice even for the eco-aware.

Large floor candle holders in wood Beautiful Etna candle holders Etna candle holders in the bedroom Polished finish of the candle holders Colorful Etna candle holders

Obtainable in a 6 shade palette, we suggest bringing house the red ETNA Mini as they will serve you properly in the course of Christmas and even when it is time to decorate for Valentine’s Day! A pack with 3 of these will set you back by € 106 ($ 143), while you can bring house a trio of big ETNA candle holders for €459 ($ 618)

Etna mini in vibrant yellow Etna mini candle holders for the holiday season Create a romantic setting with candle holders Combine different colored candle holders Six different colors of Etna mini Making of the ETNA Candle holders Solid pine wood extreior of the Etna candle holders Closer look at the Etna Mini Candle holders inspired by the volcano

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