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Cars & Residences: Talking Interior Layout With Robin Web page of Volvo [Interview]

Short editorial by Alex Ion who was 1 of the fortunate visitors at the launch of the new Volvo Concept Coupe in Sweden

It was a beautiful late-summer day in Sweden. Decoist was one of the visitors at the occasion Volvo hosted in the magnificent scenery of Goteborg (their headquarters), where they desired to tell the planet that the firm is returning to its Scandinavian roots by revamping all their models with a signature style that is daring and minimalist at the same time, exhibits aggressiveness and elegance, all packed in beauty.

Volvo Concept Coupe - house design

The fine line between property design and style and automobile design …

So it struck me. Aren’t autos an extension of our residences?

Numerous of us have the very same everyday regimen. Wake up in the morning, grab a coffee and some breakfast, and then jump into the auto and head for function. For some (me incorporated), driving is fairly comforting you get to pay attention to the information on the radio, the sun pets your encounter with gentleness, producing you comprehend that the complete planet is coming to lifestyle. In the evening you’re exhausted when you depart for residence, but you know that the auto you drive is going to safely get you back.

In this gorgeous Scandinavian scenery I recognized that the same thing that can make us want for dream houses, helps make us wish for dream vehicles. The facade requirements to be eye-catching, and the interior wants to be comfy. So I sat down with Robin Webpage, the head of interior layout for Volvo — previously working for prestigious brand names like Bentley exactly where he worked on such tasks as the British Queen’s state limo, Rolls Royce or Bugatti — and needed to know a lot more about what it signifies to decorate a … car, and how significantly different it is from decorating a home.

Volvo headquarters interior design

The gorgeous Scandinavian scenery and its core values as inspiration …

The interview with Robin is beneath. Hope you’ll take pleasure in it!

Alex Ion: How does the interior design and style of a car come to daily life? In your viewpoint, are there any similarities among developing a vehicle and building your dream property?

Robin Web page: I believe in purchase to attain a good quality, premium really feel in a Volvo interior you want to produce a blend of numerous issues, for illustration, excellent layout architecture designed in a Scandinavian way, stunning jewelry specifics, intuitive  technological innovation, mood lighting and a wealthy ambience of quality materials. These are the same rules I would use if constructing my dream house. It is not just the architectural style but a great deal about the specifics, the supplies, mood lighting and how engineering is integrated into the space.

AI: When developing a house (both inside and out), a whole lot of inspiration comes from the owners their passions, their hobbies, their needs. How do you determine what men and women want their vehicles to be, and how do you translate it into the real style?

RP: Volvo Automobiles are quite excellent at listening and analyzing feedback from our clients, which is then inputted into the layout method of each and every automobile and we also have a organization philosophy of “designed about you”. From these 2 factors the design and style of the automobiles are extremely considerably buyer influenced. Additional to that is the influence of residing on the West coast of  Sweden with its beautiful blue and grey colours and resources this kind of as drift wood, this of course influenced the Colour and materials in the Concept Coupe.

Scandinavian Design Heritage

AI: The new Volvo Idea Coupe is a wonderful instance of Scandinavian design and style, a leap forward that faces decidedly in direction of the potential. But there’s more to the heritage of Swedish design than clean lines and pricey materials. What do you think defines it most? What are its core values?

RP: For me Scandinavian design and style is not just about clean lines and premium supplies but also about intelligent answers to solving design and style problems and questioning  the straightforward resolution. The vertical ipad touch screen in the center of the Idea Coupe instrument panel is a typical instance of this principle allowing the interior to be cleaner and purer in its architecture and not be spoilt by pointless switches.

AI: For numerous many years you’ve been working in the globe of substantial-top quality, luxury interior design and style. What do men and women want in terms of resources and develop?

RP: I feel for the higher specification automobiles folks nonetheless want the premium resources such as leather and wood veneer but also new resources which are even far better if they are linked to the country the vehicle is designed and manufactured in, i,e, in our case Swedish crystal and Swedish woven carpet. From a design and style point of view I believe you get the best out of resources if you design and style the surfaces for the supplies in the way they must be utilized, i,e, leather must coat positive surfaces, with stitch lines along the line which is required to hold the shape and show the graphics of the style and not forced into negative contorted types. Wood veneer must be employed to finish a reliable surface and not a 2 dimensional decorative panel. Be accurate to the materials and you will not have men and women touching the surface to verify if it is actual leather or wood.

fancy car interior design - volvo concept coupe

The fancy interior of the new Volvo Notion Coupe pays tribute to the Swedish heritage

AI: Colours make or break a space. We consider it’s the exact same with each interior, so automobiles shouldn’t be any different. Do you go by trends or do you carry out your very own in-depth analysis for each new project? What are the factors that you contemplate most?

RP: In the case of the Volvo Concept Coupe the colour scheme was influenced by the gorgeous coast line of West Sweden, for example the blue and greys of the sea and sky and even the tones seen on the shell of a blue mussel. The wood veneer represents the seem and come to feel of drift wood. The aspect we consider most in selecting colour schemes is to remain real to Scandinavian luxury and life-style and not just follow trends in the business.

AI: We at Decoist, and me personally, are truly huge fans of Scandinavian design. The place do you stand as a designer? (what you like, what you ‘don’t like’)

RP: I respect and like the traditional pieces such as the Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, but also genuinely like the item layout pieces as produced by designers such as George Jenson and a Swedish leather bag company named P.A.P. We also took influences from style with Swedish brand names this kind of as Acne. I dislike the cold ambience that is sometimes produced when people display Swedish furniture in a straightforward minimalistic way which can produce a unfavorable impact. Back to your previous query it is not just about design and style but about the total ambience of a room.

Front seats take inspiration from the Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen

Front seats consider inspiration from the Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen

AI: The front seats are incredibly related to Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Egg Chair, a stunning chair with sculptural lines and a distinct personality. How did you get the thought, and do you consider it fits properly in a small space like the interior of a car?

RP: Yes, you could say we designed a seat which reflects a little  the design of the egg chair but more importantly we designed a seat with an outer shell related to a performance sport seat but with the elegant soft center of a luxury seat. The outer silhouette of the seat reflects the iconic form of preceding Volvo seats specially the head rest and we believe appears lovely in the vehicle.

Scandinavian design inspiration

AI: I see there’s a whole lot of emphasis on specifics, which is a enormous design statement for a premium interior. Exactly where do you locate all these components and how do you choose them?

RP: I have to commence with the stunning Swedish crystal gear lever which was manufactured at a glass company in the south of Sweden called Orresfors. For me this celebrates a talent and solution which Sweden has a tradition of being quite excellent at. The other detail is the lovely rotary knobs and air blades which have a texture known as a diamond pattern on them which was made at Volvo. The third delight factor is that we designed a metal seat belt buckle which has “Since 1959” engraved onto it in purchase to celebrate when Volvo introduced to the globe the 3 level seat belt.

Cool interiors and high quality products go hand in hand

Amazing interiors and higher quality merchandise go hand in hand

AI: What are your greatest influences as a designer? Are there styles and design and style movements that inspire you in your perform?

RP: First of all I feel it is the accountability of a designer to capture elements of the history of the brand from the heritage automobiles but in a modern way in purchase to keep an identity. The 2nd is to capture the culture and Lifestyle of the nation in which the brand comes from i,e in design and style philosophy and materials and then thirdly it is important to be as present day as attainable and these influences tend to come from other industries this kind of as architecture, fashion and merchandise design.

AI: We know there’s typically a wholesome stress between those taking care of the interior and individuals operating on the exterior. That is undoubtedly correct in the realm of house design and style. Have you located this to be accurate in your perform with automobiles? How tough did you guys fight?

RP: At Volvo we do have a very shut relationship and perform properly collectively, in reality for the Idea Coupe the team requested to sit with each other. In my previous you only normally battle for head clearance and ingress into the auto but at the finish of the day you all want the item to operate effectively as a widespread design language and be a achievement.

Scandinavian style statement

AI: Lastly, we’d like to know what is the coolest thing about developing the interiors of cars… Will you ever switch to homes?

RP:  The coolest thing about designing a car is the second the first style model is assembled and you know then regardless of whether your estimations and design selections all function effectively collectively. The other rewarding portion is when a staff of pessimistic engineers scratch their heads being aware of that they have a challenge ahead but then they seem at you and say “its going to be difficult but shit, it looks great!!!”

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