Captivating Wall Murals That Transform Your Home

Interior layout is all about expressing yourself to the fullest. At the end of the day, it is essential that your residence is a reflection of who you are. Number of artistic additions get this task accomplished as proficiently as a lovely wall mural that exudes style, sophistication and a hint of playfulness.

Adding a piece of art to your living room or bedroom is not only exciting but also opens up an limitless array of interesting possibilities. If you are still skeptical, just check out this assortment of beautiful wall murals from Photowall and you will be mesmerized instantaneously!

My Rollercoaster by Agent Bauer

My Rollercoaster, Maja Steen

Custom Wall Murals

From snapshots that can be blown up into remarkable canvases to designer murals that are each intricate and elaborate, Photowall presents a broad selection of wall murals and canvas prints that can be custom sized to match your demands exactly.

But it’s not just the ease with which these wall murals can be integrated that helps make them so particular. Wallpapers and murals conceptualized and designed by best designers like Cecilia Carlstedt, Albert Sjöstam, Anna Ekre, Graham Samuels and Clara Aldén are a portion of the substantial assortment obtainable here.

Combining brilliant colours with captivating patterns and complicated styles, numerous of the murals are certainly gripping performs of art that bring your house to lifestyle. Inspirations for these dazzling murals are drawn from varied and varied fields that selection from sports and music to the abstract and the magical!

Berg Kirsits by Clara Aldén

Berg Kirsits – Polska, Clara Aldén

Brilliant Core of Nature wall mural by Graham Samuels

Core of Nature, Graham Samuels

Abstract Cold Song wall mural by Martin Bergström

Cold Song, Martin Bergström

Wall mural inspired by ethnic symbols and patterns

Totem, Albert Sjöstam

For individuals looking to decorate with something much less abstract, the new Vintage Cities wallpaper collection is the best alternative. Whether it’s the New York City skyline or the lovely Eiffel Tower overlooking Paris as the sun sets in the City of Lights, these wallpapers carry home wonderful photos from some of the world’s leading cities. You can even give your modern residence an eclectic seem with the bricks and concrete wallpaper or a chic industrial vibe with the exposed concrete collection.

Be it ar2rk or animals, Beatles or Arsenal right here is a fantastic way to express your own taste and give your home a distinct type. And if none of these tickle your fancy, you can use a snapshot of your very own to develop a customized wall mural.

So, what is it going to be?

Aged brick look with extensive wall mural

Aged brickwall in the kitchen

Extensive bookshelf wall mural for your home library

Bookshelf mural – WHITE

Get an industrial look with the concrete wall mural

Concrete wallpaper

Colour drips wall mural on the wall

Colour Drips


Lovers, Anna Ekre

Sixth Avenue wall mural in the living room

New York City – Sixth Avenue

Beatles wall mural to inspire the musician in you

The Beatles

Large canvas of ballerinas on stage

Ballerinas on stage

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