Boutique Attractiveness at the Red Sea: Orchid Reef Hotel, Eilat

On the southernmost tip of Israel in the Gulf of Aqaba, lies Eilat, a common resort city and a bustling port where the sea and the desert are nothing at all quick of magical. Eilat has excellent seashores and warm weather all yr round, but our target right now is on the city’s remarkable hotels like the Orchid Reef Hotel by Israeli interior designer Daniel Hasson.

Orchid Reef Hotel 1

The Orchid Reef is a boutique hotel with luxurious rooms that share a minimalist interior layout. But it’s not only the quality of the furnishings, the remarkable lighting and the charming shade palette — combining white, blue and wood tones the complete task tries to decrease the variations between the interior and the exterior. And it goes with out saying that Daniel Hasson managed to generate harmony at the Orchid Reef.

Add to all these the exquisite place and the incredible sea views, and a trip at the Orchid Reef sounds like a dream come correct for any design and style aficionado, and not only.

Photo credit score: Asaf Pinchuk

Orchid Reef Hotel 2 Orchid Reef Hotel 6 Orchid Reef Hotel 4 Orchid Reef Hotel 5 Orchid Reef Hotel 7 Orchid Reef Hotel 3

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