3 Techniques to Increase House Power Efficiency Making use of Décor

Power charges are continually on the rise, and home owners are constantly seeking new techniques to minimize their power consumption. Enduring scorching summers and frigid winters with lower HVAC utilization is one particular way to lessen charges – but this is in the long run impractical and very uncomfortable.

Installing vitality productive appliances is also a smart adjust, but replacing almost everything at once can be quite pricey. Luckily, there are a few basic methods to minimize back on the amount of power you use by doing work harder to keep your home’s existing temperature. Very best of all, this can be achieved through décor!

Window Treatment options

When it comes to home air leaks, windows are a single of the worst culprits. Changing old windows is essential to avoiding air leaks, but window remedies are an additional stylish preventative measure. Shades and light-blocking curtains will assist lessen heat transfer from sunlight, even though thick draperies can hold in heat throughout the winter.

living room window treatments

by D for Design

bedroom window treatments

by Bridgwater Consulting Group

window treatments shades

by Great Community Properties

Wall Tapestries

Walls that encounter the outside of your house are yet another culprit to power reduction – specially if they’re not insulated on the outside. In this case, your heating and cooling technique will have to work twice as challenging to sustain a comfortable temperature. An classy wall tapestry, nonetheless, can support in stopping energy loss although incorporating a decorative punch to your living room.

artistic wall tapestry

by Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

industrial wall with tapestry

by Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

wall tapestry in red

by Joe Ginsberg Style


Anyone who has ever stepped onto a bare wood or tile floor in the dead of winter can communicate to the sick insulation of non-carpeted floors. If wall-to-wall carpet isn’t in your price range, or doesn’t complement your taste, take into account thick area rugs. These rugs will limit heat transfer and perform as insulators so your feet will truly feel nice and cozy in the winter and your house will shed less cooling energy in the summer time.

modern living room rug


bedroom rug

by AMW Layout Studio

contemporary rug in the living room

by Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc.

In other phrases, contrary to popular belief, it is attainable to decorate your house and nevertheless save money.

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