3 Red Berry Centerpiece Ideas for Your Vacation Table

No matter whether you’re entertaining for the duration of the holidays, hosting Christmas dinner, or you just want to dress up your dining table as element of your holiday decor, nowadays’s post demonstrates you 3 basic techniques to make a massive affect with berries! Kate here, and this weekend I picked up a bundle of winterberry branches at the grocery store for a few bucks. I brought them home and speedily realized that red berries offer an endless array of style possibilities for the vacation table. From the decadent to the sleek, the arrangements beneath show that mixing seasonal branches with nature’s bounty produces a winning vacation mixture…

Red berries 3 ways for the holiday table Gather a variety of vases A whimsical snowy centerpiece Classic holiday elements A goblet, a small vase, berries and faux snow Berried branches in a small vase Place the small vase inside the goblet Berries and faux snow Red berry holiday centerpiece Christmas centerpiece with red berries and snow Decadent holiday centerpiece Vibrant colors Christmas centerpiece with roses and berries Decadent Christmas centerpiece Red and pink holiday centerpiece Sleek holiday grouping of vases Modern centerpiece supplies Holiday centerpiece featuring vases from CB2 Clean and modern holiday centerpiece Berries and greenery sleek holiday centerpiece

To produce the arrangements featured in today’s post, I used products from close to the home and yard. Numerous of them appear in the following image. I’m constantly raiding my vase assortment as I craft my centerpieces, and beneath we see a couple of small vases that I’ve had for years, as nicely as the white Gatz Vase and Flat Mini Bud Vase, the 2 from CB2:

Gather a variety of vases

The arrangements that adhere to are named for the seem and feel they develop! So feel about the vacation fashion you’re going for and pick accordingly. Can’t decide? Neither could I! Generate all 3 seems to be. The red berries will unify your styles, generating consistency in your interior.


A whimsical snowy centerpiece

This initial enchanting arrangement is easy to generate, not to mention exciting! To get started out, you’ll want:

  • a modest vase
  • a clear goblet or other container that’s bigger than the vase
  • berry branches (such as winterberry)
  • water
  • faux snow
  • greenery (optional)
Classic holiday elements

For the containers, I employed a modest vase from my assortment, as effectively as a water goblet from my kitchen cabinet. There are various opinions about how extended winterberry branches will dwell after cut, as properly as regardless of whether or not they require water. I needed to maximize the existence of my winterberry arrangement, so under you will uncover guidelines that involve hydrating them in a vase of water. Nevertheless, if you don’t require your arrangement to last extended, feel free of charge to skip the water and basically spot the berry branches in a goblet filled with faux snow.

A goblet, a small vase, berries and faux snow

Phase 1: Fill the little vase with water, and area the berry branches in the vase. I chose a portion of my berry branch bouquet that was complete and wide, as a substantial branch section will include drama to the arrangement!

Berried branches in a small vase

Step 2: Location the vase inside of the goblet (or the container of your selection). A clear goblet or container performs well for this arrangement, as the faux snow can actually take center stage when the sides of the container are transparent.

Place the small vase inside the goblet

Step 3: Fill the goblet with faux snow, covering the tiny vase so the berry branches seem to emerge from the snow. I love the whimsical, fairy-tale search of this arrangement, and correct now there’s a goblet of snow and berries on both side of a brass bowl on my dining space table. Divine!

Red berry holiday centerpiece

Add some cut greenery to the base of the goblet for an extra touch of vacation charm!

Berries and faux snow

You may possibly be asking yourself about the trouble of shifting the water once the tiny vase is covered in snow… Merely lift the vase, pour out the water, refill the vase and place it back in the goblet. You might need to bury it a little and pour some new faux snow above the prime. But provided that a bag of faux snow is a number of bucks, you ought to have plenty left to replenish the goblet if required.

Christmas centerpiece with red berries and snow


Decadent holiday centerpiece

This following holiday arrangement is the greatest in decadent seasonal design! Here’s what you’ll need to have to create the look…

  • a vase
  • red berry branches (such as winterberry)
  • flowers in rosy hues 
  • water
Vibrant colors

This arrangement is super easy to develop: mix berry branches with flowers in a decadent show of rosy foliage.

Christmas centerpiece with roses and berries

I employed sizzling pink roses from my garden, and the mixture of red and pink created a wealthy, layered look filled with monochromatic design. Also note how the colorful foliage pops towards the white of the vase. So use a white vase if you wish a related search!

Decadent Christmas centerpiece

If there are no blooming flowers in your garden at this time of the yr, buy some inexpensive flowers to generate the arrangement. You don’t have to devote a whole lot of income to get a bountiful truly feel. Yes, grocery keep roses are fine!

Red and pink holiday centerpiece

Present day

Sleek holiday grouping of vases

Today’s final featured arrangement is all about contemporary fashion! By employing a much less-is far more-strategy and a assortment of sleek vases, you can generate a clean-lined holiday statement. To get started out, you’ll require:

  • tiny vases
  • berry branches (this kind of as winterberry)
  • fresh greenery
  • water
Modern centerpiece supplies

To get the appear, organize berries and greenery in a trio of glass vases. Display the vases in a row or a cluster for a modern consider on holiday type.

Holiday centerpiece featuring vases from CB2

As talked about at the prime of the submit, I employed inexpensive disc-like vases with little openings from CB2. As a end result, I didn’t overload them with thick branches, but rather centered on smaller foliage to get the occupation completed.

Clean and modern holiday centerpiece

Although you don’t have to include greenery, I believe it truly enhances this arrangement. I snipped a few pieces from my evergreen tree in the backyard, and that was all it took!

Berries and greenery

This centerpiece concept is best for the middle of a little table, and it can even take center stage in a kitchen window:

sleek holiday centerpiece

As usually, we at Decoist motivate you to study your plant and flower options to decide safety for pets and young children. For example, winterberry is toxic to dogs and cats, and the berries need to NOT be eaten by youngsters. Preserve arrangements out of reach if you’re making use of foliage with the possible to be poisonous. On a happier note, wishing you a colorful begin to your vacation season. Take pleasure in the decorating process, and don’t be afraid to get inventive!

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