20 Bathrooms That Showcase Minimalist Design and style

There are 2 powder rooms in my new place, and they are each clean-lined spaces that would benefit from a touch of minimalist design. When we moved in, my hubby and I took down the gilded mirrors, changed out the countertops and additional some modern fixtures. But I have to admit–I’m even now struggling with every single space. I’ve stored these rooms uncluttered, but the accent colours just don’t look very proper. Neither does the wall ar2rk. I’m on the hunt for new ideas.

Ingredients of minimalist bathroom design

Substances of minimalist bathroom design and style

Right now I thought I’d share some of the most beautiful spaces I encountered on my search. As I started to amass a massive assortment of inspirational photos, I noticed that these powder rooms had a selection of important components in typical, this kind of as unfussy displays of grooming merchandise and the strategic use of plants (as proven in the picture above from Studio Becker). And I received some excellent ideas for how to make a large statement in my powder rooms although still honoring a minimalist strategy. Check out the pictures that follow, and then tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment at the finish of the post!

Fixtures and Features Grow to be the Decor

The most minimalist of powder rooms do away with decorative touches this kind of as countertop flowers and bottles of bubble bath. In reality, in these clean-lined bathrooms, the fixtures and attributes themselves turn out to be decorative statements. This approach is not a style rule–just one particular achievable strategy. In the contemporary powder room below, we see how modern day faucets and statement sinks steal the show. [from Fifth Component Homes]

Simple style in a minimalist bathroom

Basic type in a minimalist bathroom

Some spaces rely on the walls to set a designer tone. It’s hard to consider your eyes off gorgeous wooden cabinetry, mirrors with constructed-in lights and large-high quality stone! [from Specht Harpman Architects]

Minimalist bathroom with wooden details

Minimalist bathroom with wooden information

Occasionally a single crucial decorative function is extra for effect, this kind of as the towel rack in the picture beneath. Maintain in thoughts that this item is as functional as it is stylish! [from Glen Irani Architects]

Metal towel rack in a minimalist bathroom

Metal towel rack in a minimalist bathroom

A soap dispenser, a thoughtfully chosen mirror, or strategically a selected accent colour can also do the room justice with no relying on embellishment from countertop accents! [from Lea Bassani Layout]

Minimalist bathroom with purple tones

Minimalist bathroom with purple tones

If you go with this “no countertop decor” strategy, make confident the functions in your powder space are correct standouts. Whilst I’ve updated a handful of features in my minimalist bathrooms, there are no showstopping aspects, such as a modern tub or an unforgettable mirror. This method could not be the greatest for my powder rooms, but it may possibly do just fine in yours!

A Few Properly-Chosen Decorative Statements

A lacquered tray filled with jewelry, perfume bottles and soaps. A trio of vases displaying flowers in pastel tones. A countertop show of grooming goods, such as hair gel, deodorant and face wash. These are NOT the kind of functions you will uncover in a minimalist bathroom. Not that there’s something wrong with them! But no-fuss spaces maintain the bulk of the grooming goods and cushy specifics hidden, instead selecting to highlight a few key pieces. Like a clear vase filled with a single or 2 blooms, or lotion displayed in a crystalline canister. [Photography by Alexia Fodere for DKOR Interiors]

Clear accessories in a minimalist bathroom

Clear accessories in a minimalist bathroom

Sometimes one particular really uncommon piece does the trick, like the quartz-y specimen under. That transparent sink is rather distinctive as nicely! So are the towel rack, the faucet handles and the use of yellow as an accent colour in the room. Can you see why much less is much more in terms of modest decor right here?! [from Gemini Guild]

Crystalline accents in a contemporary bathroom

Crystalline accents in a modern bathroom

If you have no counter room, it could be crucial to keep accent pieces to a minimal. A tiny plant can do wonders, as shown in the tiled bathroom below. [by Skyring Architects Brisbane]

Plants make a big difference in the minimalist bathroom

Plants make a big distinction in the minimalist bathroom

Note the bathrub terrarium in the up coming featured picture. A horn bowl and a easy rectangular soapdish are other thoughtful information. When it comes to the minimalist room, choosing wisely is critical. [from Tatum Brown Custom Residences]

Modern details in a minimalist bathroom

Modern information in a minimalist bathroom

A pendant light, a stack of towels and a couple of distinctive display pieces are standout functions in the bathroom below. So is the silver backsplash! Note how the black rug ties in the dark countertops, anchoring this effectively-created area. [from See Components]

Unique features in a minimalist bathroom

Unique functions in a minimalist bathroom

This “less is a lot more” method could operate effectively in my bathrooms. Much less things on the countertops. More considered into every single piece. I’m trying to keep this strategy in thoughts!

Welcome the Plants

When it comes to minimalist design and style, plants are your buddy. Some of my favored interiors feature an assortment of plants for a lush impact. In a minimalist bathroom, there’s no need to crowd the area. 1 interesting plant can set a substantial standard, as proven with the tall orchid below. [from Cabinets & Beyond]

Beautiful orchid in a minimalist bathroom

Gorgeous orchid in a minimalist bathroom

Occasionally it’s the color of the plant (rather than the dimension) that makes a variation. The awesome-toned bathroom featured in the next image is brought to lifestyle by a vase of greenery in a radiant emerald shade. [from Dallas Interior Renovations by way of Houzz]

Greenery brightens a cool-toned bathroom

Greenery brightens a amazing-toned bathroom

You can even get elaborate with a plantscape featuring moss, branches and other blooms. But make certain you know what you’re carrying out, or seek out the advice of an professional just before producing a go of it at residence. An arrangement like this is challenging to pull off! [from Will Austin Photography via Gary Gladwish Architecture]

Natural details in a minimalist bathroom

Natural particulars in a minimalist bathroom

You can often add drama utilizing a vase filled with branches. In a clean white and aqua space, do you require something a lot more than one particular bold arrangement?! Effectively, possibly a bar of soap… [from Leslie Goodwin Photography]

Branches add a dramatic touch to a crisp bathroom

Branches add a dramatic touch to a crisp bathroom

The addition of plants is a should for my powder rooms. These regions of my home don’t get a ton of light, so I’ve got some study to do. But I absolutely really like the way plants can wake up a room with out overpowering it. Plus, they’re refreshing, and they improve air high quality. I’m sold on this minimalist design method!

Colorful Accents That Make a Distinction

Don’t be afraid of colour. Even the most minimalist of rooms can use colour to its advantage. For instance, the bathroom under features a shower lined with blue tile. And that’s just the dose of radiance this area needs! [from Ibarra Rosano Style Architects]

Cool blue shower adds color to a neutral bathroom

Awesome blue shower adds color to a neutral bathroom

In reality, tile is a well-known way to include color to the powder space. Use it to set a striking modern tone, then return to the shade with other equipment, this kind of as flowers. [ModCraft Collection tile from Filmore Clark]

Crisp accessories in a bathroom with amber-toned tile

Crisp accessories in a bathroom with amber-toned tile

On that note, check out the following featured bathroom, which showcases green tile and matching towels! Tiny else is needed to embellish this room, aside from elements such as wall-mounted faucets by Grohe, obtainable through AllModern. [from Rossington Architecture]

Modern bathroom with green tile and towels

Modern day bathroom with green tile and towels

You can also choose out a contrasting colour. Vivid red-orange is the best counterpart to the green tiles under. Unique touches this kind of as a kid’s chair and countertop letters are an best way to introduce the 2nd hue. [from Chan Architecture]

Vivid accents in a minimalist bathroom

Vivid accents in a minimalist bathroom

What if your minimalist bathroom doesn’t feature a tile wall, backsplash or shower and you nonetheless want to include color? No problem! Accessories are a excellent way to brighten your area. Below we see an eye-catching blue soap dispenser, as nicely as a ceramic pot in a related shade. Once more, significantly less is more. These 2 items do the trick, and they are just what this beige bathroom requirements. [photo by Jennie Hunt for Houzz]

Vivid blue details in a minimalist bathroom

Vivid blue information in a minimalist bathroom

Tiny touches can be effective ones. For example, green is the color of option in this last featured powder area. We see the shade on bath products that stand out against the white backdrop. When the containers are quite sufficient to show, there’s no need to hide them. Particularly when they reinforce a unified color scheme. [from S.M. Contracting Inc.]

Green bath products make all the difference in a minimalist powder room

Green bath products make all the big difference in a minimalist powder space

I’d like to maintain 1 of my powder rooms neutral (aside from a plant), but I will definitely be adding an accent colour to the other one particular. I’m thrilled that there are so numerous strategies for creating a chic minimalist room. From incorporating no features to improving the space with properly-selected products this kind of as colorful accents, the possibilities are endless.

Is there a approach that captured your interest these days? Share your ideas by leaving a comment beneath…

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