15 Fresh Furnishings Trends to Watch For in 2014

Furnishings is a single of individuals things in the residence which gains a whole lot of  attention from visitors.  They are speaking factors, subjects of communication, and as great communication is almost certainly a single of the most critical abilities in existence, it’s good form to nurture it by way of the small issues, like furnishings speaking points.  Communication aside, the furnishings which you decide on will represent your personality, taste and even values.  Check out our other 2014 trend content articles:

Allow’s consider a look at the leading furnishings trends in 2014:

1.  Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Lug these deck chairs in from your garden and plonk them in your residing room.  I wouldn’t go this far but it’s quite significantly the heart and essence of the trend.  Try to stay classy and do everything with a dash of sophistication so it seems to be like the chairs or tables are there purposefully, rather than the chance that you’ve misplaced your thoughts or are making use of them as a temporary substitute.  Aged metals, glass, wicker and all-natural wood are common choices.

We are seeing far more and more of outside kind furnishings for indoors in patterns and exhibitions to warrant a prediction that this’ll be a growth trend for 2014.  The photograph below displays a wonderful instance of wicker furniture from Kenneth Cobonpue, which seems fresh.

outdoor wicker furniture indoors 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Outside Wicker Furnishings Indoors by Dotter Solfjeld Architects

 2.  Glamour

We all value a bit of more than the top showiness every now and then, and it’s most likely we’ll be seeing it a lot more and far more more than the up coming couple of years as ‘glamour’ is in, big time.  Opt for opulent furniture that oozes with excess lavishness.  Try to develop that ‘wow’ feeling in a visitors thoughts and let you’re extravagant side free.  Glamour has been all around for a lengthy time, but it’s manufactured the 2014 list as it’s one of the stronger growth trends in the furniture market.  Glamour is also in for interior design and style in 2014.

glamour chair 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Gloriously Glamorous from Thom Filicia

3.  Custom Created Furnishings

Individuality is a huge factor, and it appears to be some thing which the wealthy feed on via high-priced personal customizations and goods that only they have.  Customized produced furniture can be extortionately expensive, but it can also be available and reasonably priced ample to the regular Joe.  Custom doesn’t have to imply high-priced as all it takes is a particular person who generates these pieces as a passion, who isn’t as interested in large profits, but rather requires pleasure in the joy of generating the piece.

Customized is usually noticeably distinct and diverse sparks conversation.  People are now expressing their character by means of their furniture far more and more.  In 2014 we have currently witnessed and will carry on to see a grow in customized furniture and personal touches inside the property.

custom made chairs 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Inventive and Imaganative Chairs from Studio Frank

4.  Cultured Furniture

This trend is all about bringing foreign culture into your property.  I feel the layout below is a ideal example of employing African inspired furniture in a tasteful and uncluttered method.  This laps more than and complements hair on hide  which is a trend also gaining traction in 2014 (as observed at the bottom of this photograph).  Appear for patterned upholstery and high quality wooden carpentry.

cultured living room 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Incorporating Culture and African Pizazz Made by Derrell Parker: Photograph by Kuda Photography

5.  Metallic Leather

Allow your furniture carry a sparkle to your rooms in 2014 with metallic styled resources. Even though a lot of furnishings pieces can mix into the background of a space, by making use of striking silver and gold finishes your furniture will basically be calling out for attention to all who enter the space and will not be pleased to be left unnoticed!
If the room is decorated in an underneath-stated manner then it is this kind of confident chairs and sofas that will carry existence and vibrancy to the room and positive to depart a lasting impression on your visitors.
metallic leather couch 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Metallic Leather from Elad Gonen

6.  Statement Dining Tables

Enjoying a meal with pals and family members is fine dining but why not make a statement to your family and pals at the very same time with a unique dining space table. Embellishing your dining space with a standout furniture piece is a trend we have seen in recent exhibitions.
This striking wooden dining table feels like it could be straight from a knight’s banqueting hall yet the light wood tones and contrasting white chairs make this a modern day day statement of fashion and class that also demonstrates your visitors the relevance of environmental normal furnishings.
statement dining table 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Stunning, Light Toned Organic Wooden Table from Meridith Baer

6.  Environmentally friendly furnishings

John F Kennedy is quoted saying “The supreme reality of our time is…the vulnerability of our planet.” The variety of furniture you select will typically reflect your closeness to the planet and your beliefs about how to create a sustainable environmental long term. Wooden furnishings is timeless and a trend that will proceed in 2014 as we aim to create a footprint that is at one with the world around us.
Attempt to choose goods that have been crafted utilizing recycled timber or from a sustainable source so that you actually know your furnishings is environmentally friendly.
environmentally frienly chair 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Green & Renewable Supply: Environmentally Pleasant Furnishings from Ron Mann Design and style

8.  Small Furnishings

Uncluttered rooms and open space are the theme for 2014.  I’ve talked about in point 15 that as apartments and homes are generally turning into smaller sized in dimension due to housing shortages and population explosions, the furnishings inside of the residence also has to adapt with the size of the home.  This trend, in that sense is a double edged sword, the place uncluttered and open meets smaller apartments and homes.  Seem for tight, compact furniture, some thing that’ll merely do the task, but with class of course!

small furniture 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Modest Furnishings Employed Effectively from Style West Inc.

9.  Technological Furnishings

Smartphones have speedily grow to be an indispensable device for a lot of men and women and regardless of whether this is a excellent trend is left for yet another debate, but a single issue is for confident – furniture is following suit. As the use of smartphones and tablet computers boost in reputation this 12 months so will the furnishings options that facilitate and enable your furnishings to become one with your technological innovation.
Seem out for hidden wireless charging docks that are concealed in a bedside table, USB charging ports in a dining area cabinet or audio and video connectors linked to your Tv or Hi-Fi technique. This trend is also seen in a property spa with products this kind of as saunas that often provide an audio auxiliary input from your smartphone.
technological 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Charging Port Draw for Cell Phones by Mullet Cabinet

8.  Vintage Furnishings

What far better way to go green in 2014 than to include a number of vintage furnishings products to your assortment. Vintage furnishings is a trend that continues to be common and a wonderful way to guarantee that old furniture doesn’t finish up in a landfill internet site also early in its existence. Plus, it is often the outdated furnishings that is also the most properly manufactured and durable when in contrast to modern day flat-pack products.
A vintage table or guide shelf will also guarantee that your property furnishings are special and a single of a sort that have definitely not essential the felling of a lot more trees.
vintage living room 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Wonderful Vintage Table

eleven.  Pleats

This is 1 that we’ve observed a great deal more of at the finish of 2013 and the commence of 2014 in the trade fairs than in prior years.  For people who don’t know what pleats are, they’re materials which has been doubled back on itself and secured in area. The pleats demonstrated on each the sofas and the curtains beneath have been done appropriate, and I feel you’d agree that when carried out appropriate they appear classy and classy.

couch pleats 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Pleated Curtains and Couch from Risinger Residences

twelve.  Multi-Practical Furnishings

We are seeing the use of multifunctional furnishings generating far more of a statement in 2014. Is it a coffee table, storage shelf or a chair? – effectively it is truly all 3 and although its design could not be to everyone’s tastes this type of furniture is quite useful in a modern minimalistic residence layout.
Other varieties of multifunctional furniture incorporate beds that transform into work desks or chairs that conceal hidden drawers. For a smaller sized property this variety of furnishings is surely some thing that you need to think about.
multi functional chair 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Storage, Table and a Chair from Hart Wright Architects

13.  Light Toned Woods

If you’ve study some of our other trend articles, you’ll have observed that light toned woods are common all about the property in 2014, consequently it’s no shock that they’re producing a triumphant statement in the furniture industry.  We’re seeing large quality and resilient light woods such as oak producing a powerful statement in the industry.  The great issue about this trend is that it’s difficult to go incorrect, as organic is stunning and light toned woods can be utilized to craft any type of furniture.

light toned wood 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Light Toned Inventive Tables – Huisstyling

14.  Hair on Hide

Hair on hide, as in animal skin which nonetheless has hair on it, as unappealing as I’ve just manufactured it look, is a growing trend in 2014.  For the activists amongst us, you’ll be content to hear that it doesn’t have to be all-natural as synthetic choices are also available, in fashion options.  Hair on hide has been popularised from skinned rugs on the floor, but no longer are these content with becoming walked more than they’re jumping up onto our chairs and tables.

When accomplished proper it can seem classy but be warned, when completed incorrect it can appear like you’re trying too difficult, and if overly zealous, one particular could appear a small blood thirsty!  Regardless of how controversial the topic is, we’re seeing a lot more of hair on hide in the shows, noticeably sufficient to see an improve in this trend for 2014.

hair on hide 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

CoCoCo Exhibiting off Their Hair on Hide Chair

15.  Inventive Tiny Home Options

In many nations close to the globe there is a shortage of housing, particularly in the United Kingdom.  House rates in the U.K. are set to enhance 5% above a brief time period of time due to the fact of shortages, and as a result of this shortage, mixed with a shortage of land which can be created upon, new builds are turning out to be smaller and compact.  I’m certain you’ve observed it when driving down the street, 2 huge houses which are next to each and every other, purchased by a developer, knocked down and rebuilt into 5 or a lot more little homes: These have to be compact.  This goes hand in hand with our 2014 architectural trends write-up the place we highlight the move in direction of inventive storage remedies.

Compact houses need to have compact solutions, which is why I’ve included this as the 15th level.  We’re seeing inventive and hidden storage as the following large issue, employing when unused spaces this kind of as the stairs as pull out draws, as effectively as fold back floors, making use of unused room below the floorboards.  An unfolding and growing trend which’ll continue to develop and develop.

inventive small home solutions 15 Fresh Furniture Trends to Watch For in 2014

Compact Bed and Stair Storage by JPDA

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