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Z House By Bruce Stafford Architects

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Z Home is a personal residence completed by Bruce Stafford Architects and found in Bellevue Hill, a suburb of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.

There is a serene air pervading the entire property, incorporating to its ambiance of comfort and peace.

Z Home by Bruce Stafford Architects:

“A guiding principle of the design and style was to advertise the wellbeing of all members of the loved ones, making an environment of peace and tranquillity. With an abundance of natural light and sunshine, the spaces are interwoven with nature by means of the use of courtyards, skylights, glazed openings and backyard. The double height circulation area enables connectedness of spaces whilst nevertheless retaining their privacy. Getting no expansive external views, the home generates its personal vistas and depth of area by way of the use of permeable spaces which connect to landscape. These spaces are made to capture distinct characteristics of all-natural light, generating a moving tapestry as the property responds to the shifting sunlight.

The primary property embodies solidity, dependability, dependability – it is a place of safety delivering a protective anchor for the lighter components. A timber box is held lightly inside the solidity of the curving concrete form, and is separated by a glass light properly that extends through the centre of the house. The finely slatted box in the type of a cocoon provides a resting location for the kids.”

Pictures by: Karl Beath, Rachel Kayode, Erik Smithson and Vincent Chi

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