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Wohnhaus Pliscia 13 by Pedevilla Architekten

By Jessica – Classes: Bedroom, Bookshelf, Decorative Add-ons, Furnishings, Homes, Interior Design   

Wohnhaus Pliscia 13 is a personal residence created by Pedevilla Architekten.

It is located in San Vigilio di Marebbe, Italy.

Wohnhaus Pliscia 13 by Pedevilla Architekten:

“The building ensemble is positioned in a hamlet of Enneberg at a height of 1,200 meters (3,940 feet) and it refers to the building tradition of the “viles”. The 2 staggered buildings with their cautious insertion into the hillside correspond to the regional couple court variety. Regional ornaments and characteristic functions like saddle roof, loggia and wood façade are taken up and realized in a new, pure and independent way.”

Pictures courtesy of Pedevilla Architekten

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