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Webshake Office By Monica Corduneanu

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Webshake Office is a venture completed by Monica Corduneanu.

The interior can make use of vibrant colors, exciting wall decorations, and innovative storage and filing designs to produce a space that invites creativity and efficiency.

Webshake Office by Monica Corduneanu:

“The concept of the undertaking was to generate a unique and personalized area. At the identical time the customers wished a enjoyable and colourful interior. This is why I chose to use 2 sturdy colors, turquoise and yellow, with tiny accents of red. The yellow spots on the walls signify the company’s logo, which is also engraved on the desks.

The room is divided into 3 rooms, one for the 2 younger individuals who have the company, a single for employees, and one particular for recreation. For the initial area I designed 2 really exciting desks, manufactured of planks of wood, covered with glass. To give far more character to these pieces of furniture, between the 2 layers, I utilized old data, to develop a unique seem. The shelves on the walls are made from the very same type of wood planks as the desks.

The second room is related to the very first one particular, I employed the very same colours, and the same wall decorations. On the walls of these first rooms, I produced fascinating shapes made of cardboard tubes, which I think is a enjoyable way to give personality to a space, and when the light comes through the windows, it creates some extremely dynamic shades on the walls.

In the recreation space, I needed to create a piece of furniture with a special design so I mixed a foosball table with a table created of the very same wood planks utilised all through the other rooms.

Factors like the cardboard tubes, data, wood planks with a rough appear, and several other people, are the various resources I employed to produce a entertaining and vivid space.”

Photos courtesy of Monica Corduneanu

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