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Situated in Rhodes, Greece, Villa F is a gorgeous private holiday residence.

It was finished by HORNUNG AND JACOBI ARCHITECTURE, with a really exclusive architectural design that sets it apart from its rocky landscape.


“The internet site of the vacation residence in Rhodes/Greece nevertheless possess qualities and exceptional qualities, which we only attempted to frame with our layout.

The internet site is positioned 3 meters over a coastal street, which is bordered by a natural stonewall that has been equally continued for our proposal. On the one particular hand the continuation of the located wall generates a substantial degree of privacy, although on the other hand it relates to the offered scenario, which we have been tempted to preserve as considerably as attainable. The vacation house was developed for a couple. They wished a separate location for guests, which we mainly embedded in the given topography by integrating the shady tree population and with no generating an equally noticeable volume.

At first sight the typology of the constructing appears to be unusual in contrast with the context. Even so this 1st impression will be refuted by the choreography of the creating, which is precisely orientated at the context. Whilst from a formal level of see the developing relates to the located eroded rocks and washed away shoreline, the entrance was created by an interruption in the constant all-natural stonewall, which prospects one at 1st „under“ the internet site. Skylights show the path up to the main residing area. The generated twist focuses our sight towards the ocean, whereas the surrounding walls only serve as a frame of the context. As a result a spatial division of the distinct uses was averted where achievable, as properly as a differentiation of interior- and exterior spaces. Most critical was to prevent a limitation of the magnificent see.

The challenge in this design lies in development and the concerned climate technological innovation. The building of the constructing above ground is planned as a prefabricated timber framework finished with white plaster, which generates an abstract website link to classic previous buildings near to that web site. The light-weight construction was selected because it will be largely employed for spontaneous short-term visits. Enormous building parts were avoided to reach a quick cool down. By means of a mechanically controlled opening in the roof a effectively-acknowledged chimney effect will be activated, which commences at the massive base plate in the garage from in which integrated cable ducts lead cooled air through the building. An extra cooling effect will be offered by the evaporation of the pool. The triangle-shaped photovoltaics on the roof supplies the developing with vitality and permits a self-adequate residing.”


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