Vibrant studio apartment in Romania


This vibrant apartment is located in one of the Romanian city of Arad. The apartment is very modest, but functional, is a couple of regions, residing room, bedroom, and kitchen with breakfast bar, and a working space.

2-beautiful bed

A function of this apartment is that it triggers an enormous sum of open room. Bedroom smoothly flows into the front space and the kitchen, bedroom completed lots of wood, and for instance bed and part of the wall is fixed and trimmed with organic wood.

3-beautiful rack

The interior of the apartment is completed in one color, there are organic shades: wood, light, black, shades of green, and the colour of walnut. Current reasonable shades of beige. Colour interior includes a big quantity of white, and vibrant green and yellow, make the interior exclusive.

4-green sofa

The principal notion, in the interior of every single meter employed with advantage as the apartment is extremely modest and useable. Housing acquired a very cheerful, cozy and extremely vibrant.


Sleeping area and living space separated shelving, big white and walnut colour that can be shuttered curtain to produce a cozy ambiance. In the interior of the apartment frequently utilizes models of the bike that says about hobbies and interests of the possessors of the apartment.

6-indoor table

Table in the bedroom can be easily shut down when not necessary, which is quite practical and useful interior.


The kitchen is very tiny and narrow, but it is best for 2 men and women, there is a practical breakfast bar for 3, bright kitchen, and also has a functioning room for cooking.

7-studio apartment

Bar, open and close the blinds can also be sitting in the kitchen getting ready foods and you can view Television or chat with those who are sitting in the front room.

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