Vertical Glass House by Atelier FCJZ

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Vertical Glass House is a unique home positioned in Longteng Avenue, Xuhui, Shanghai, China.

It was finished by Atelier FCJZ, and has, as its name suggests, a vertical orientation that emphasizes height above width while giving the interior a contemporary industrial feel.

Vertical Glass House by Atelier FCJZ:

“Vertical Glass Property was designed by Yung Ho Chang as an entry to the annual Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition organized by the Japan Architect magazine in 1991. Chang received an Honorable Mention award for the project. Twenty-2 many years later in 2013, the West Bund Biennale of Architecture and Modern Art in Shanghai made the decision to create it as one particular of its long lasting pavilions.

Vertical Glass Residence is a urban housing prototype and discusses the notion of transparency in verticality whilst serving as a critic of Modernist transparency in horizontality or a glass residence that usually opens to landscape and offers no privacy. Although turning the classic glass house 90 degrees, Vertical Glass Residence is on one particular hand spiritual: With enclosed walls and transparent floors as properly as roof, the house opens to the sky and the earth, positions the inhabitant appropriate in the middle, and creates a area for meditation. On the other hand, Vertical Glass Home is material: Vertical transparency visually connects all the utilities,duc2rks, furnishings pieces on various ranges, as nicely as the staircase, into a technique of domesticity and supplies one more reading of the present day theory of “Architecture as living machine.”

The structure erected in Shanghai in 2013 was closely based mostly on the 22-many years previous style scheme by Chang and produced by the Atelier FCJZ. With a footprint of less than forty square meters (430 square feet), the 4-story residence is enclosed with solid concrete walls leaving small visual connection to its instant surrounding. The walls had been cast in rough wooden formwork on the exterior and smooth boards on the interior to give a contrast in texture in surface from the within out. Within the concrete enclosure, a singular steel submit is at the center with steel beams divide the room in quarters and frame every domestic exercise along with the concrete walls. All the floor slabs for the Vertical Glass Residence, which consists of 7cm (3in) thick composite tempered glass slabs, cantilevers past the concrete shell by means of the horizontal slivers on the façade. The perimeter of every glass slab is lit from inside the home therefore, light transmits through the glass at night to give a sense of mystic for the pedestrians passing by. All the furniture had been designed especially for the rooms inside the Vertical Glass Residence to be true to the authentic layout concept and hold a cohere visual appeal with its structures and stairs. Air conditioning was added to the House.

The Vertical Glass House will be operated by the West Bund Biennale as a one particular-space guest home for visiting artists and architects although serving as an architectural exhibition.”

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