Varied Apartment within the Spirit associated with Modernism from the 1950s

This 3-room apartment using the total part of 78 sq . meters discovered a new proprietor just a calendar year ago. The girl hired the team associated with qualified designers and set all of them a task of making a comfy light residence with an environment encouraging permanently rest following a long time of day, but not as well refined.


The original design of the residence suggested a single big hallway and other areas arranged together it. The particular mistress regularly invites visitors and embraces her parent son, therefore the new program had to clearly divide the area into a open public (entry, kitchen area, living room, visitor bathroom) plus private components (bedroom, learn bathroom, walk-in closet). In order to crown everything, a big 9-sq-meter recessed porch in the bed room had to be winterized and changed into a full-on part of the living area.

The completing material which was used in specifically big quantities was cement tiles simply by Greta Hair. Despite the fact that dealing with this addressing is pretty difficult, the result has been worth these types of efforts. The matte surface area created by marbled chips plus natural chemical dyes of peaceful hues appears especially great namely within the living space. Seems good strolling on it also barefoot, particularly if the floors is drinking water heated. Apart from, this materials is getting older very superbly.


Geometrical motifs keep on in the cellulose-based wallpaper simply by Harlequin from your Indulgence Selection: the same design was utilized in several areas of the residence, but in various color schemes. Hence, picked for your public region was lighting beige, for your corridor – dark crimson, and for the bed room – greenish blue, reminding of the sea color. When it comes to floor covering, it is oak parquetry by Coswick soaked along with natural oils. Darkish tints from the parquet planks bring some classics towards the interior. That is more than we are able to say in regards to the ceiling. At first the host or hostess wanted the girl concrete roof to be simply cleaned plus lacquered. However it finally seemed to be too tough and unequal, so the give up was present in draft-quality progressing with dried out construction mixes and following lacquer layer.

2-1-modern-bedroom-interior-design-greenish-blue-geometrical-wallpaper-Indulgence-collection-by-Harlequin-white-upholstered-bed-style-of-1950s-wooden-chest-of-drawers-open-racks-bookshelves-art-wall 2-2-open-concept-kitchen-living-room-sliding-door-eclectic-style-of-1950s-blue-and-white-concrete-wall-tiles-backsplash-geometrical-pattern-black-countertop-white-wallpaper

A small, yet functional organic oak wooden kitchen homes all the important kitchen gear: a dishwashing machine, the microwave oven, a good oven along with a cooker with the extraction cover. A shiny centerpiece of the zone is really a cheerful retro-style refrigerator simply by Smeg. Aside from the prep region, there is a full-on dining area including a huge folding desk by BoConcept that can chair up to 7 persons.

3-0-eclectic-style-modern-of-1950s-kitchen-interior-design-blue-and-white-concrete-wall-tiles-backsplash-geometrical-pattern-black-countertop-white-cabinets-orange-retro-Smeg-refrigerator-round-dining-table 3-1-kitchen-interior-design-blue-and-white-concrete-wall-tiles-backsplash-geometrical-pattern-black-countertop-worktop-white-natural-wood-glass-cabinets 3-2-kitchen-blue-and-white-concrete-wall-tiles-backsplash-geometrical-pattern-black-countertop-worktop-faucet-sink-wooden-cutting-board

The community hall is usually partially available to the eating area: the particular doorway together is broader than a regular size. The comfy part sofa simply by Estetica will be folding, plus dense drapes ensure an excellent nap whenever you want.

4-0-open-concept-dining-living-room-sliding-door-eclectic-style-of-1950s-blue-and-white-floor-tiles-white-wallpaper-round-table-wooden-chairs-brass-suspended-lamp-multicolor 4-1-eclectic-living-room-interior-design-in-style-of-1950s-multicolor-pendant-lamps-white-wallpaper-indulgence-collection-by-harlequin-black-floor-lamp-beige-sofa-wooden-coffee-table-concrete-ceiling 4-2-eclectic-living-room-interior-design-in-style-of-1950s-multicolor-pendant-lamps-white-wallpaper-indulgence-collection-by-harlequin-gray-sofa-wooden-coffee-table-concrete-ceiling-transom-geometrical-console 4-3-geometrical-wooden-decor-of-cabinet-door-birds-home-decor-open-racks-shelves

The hallway is designed within boudoir design, hinting in the fact that right here the personal area of the person hosting starts the following. From the hall one can be able to the bedroom, learn bathroom, laundry washing and a spacious walk-in wardrobe. The writers of the task made the interior really festive plus mysterious. And also to escape the sensation of fatigue in this windowless space, it had been complemented having a transom, which usually lets in certain daylight through the living room.


The bed room is quite small, but functions all the must-haves of a moms adobe: an appropriate bed, the chest of drawers, bookshelves and a outfitting table simply by Serenissima. A person won’t discover any shiny accents right here: it’s the particular kingdom associated with navy blue, which usually guarantees complete relaxation right after work. The particular windows are usually dressed up along with dark thick curtains, exactly like in the family room. The topping on the wedding cake of this area is a comfortable recessed porch that will shortly be switched either right into a home gym with the exercise bike or a class with an section and lots of paint cans…

6-0-modern-bedroom-interior-design-greenish-blue-geometrical-wallpaper-Indulgence-collection-by-Harlequin-white-upholstered-bed-style-of-1950s-wooden-dressing-table-art-wall-console-desk 6-1-modern-bedroom-interior-design-greenish-blue-geometrical-wallpaper-Indulgence-collection-by-Harlequin-white-upholstered-bed-style-of-1950s-wooden-dressing-table-art-wall-console-desk 6-4-recessed-balcony-loggia-interior-design-winterized-lounge-beige-2-seat-sofa-floor-lamp-geometrical-coffee-table-ethnic-rug-roman-blinds-console 6-5-modern-bathroom-interior-design-beige-walls-geometrical-blue-tiles-style-of-1950s-towel-drying-radiator-faux-wooden-vanity-unit-white-wash-basin-rectangular-mirrored-cabinet

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