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Vallvidrera Home by YLAB Arquitectos

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Spanish architectural company YLAB Arquitectos has completed the Vallvidrera Property.

This 3,078 square foot contemporary residence is found in Barcelona, Spain.

Its unconventional form was chosen to optimise floor space, privacy and external views.

Vallvidrera Residence by YLAB Arquitectos:

“The task is situated in the Vallvidrera neighborhood, a residential spot with views overlooking the city of Barcelona, surrounded by the Collserola organic park, in a really sloped and modest plot situated amongst a valley and a pine forest.

The objectives of the project were to get the maximum possible creating spot within a tight price range and an optimized orientation of all openings whilst defending the privacy of the owners.

To obtain this, a compact 3 level volume was produced. The geometry arises immediately from the plot offered geometry and slope, reinterpreting the aesthetic of the site’s vernacular architecture with its sloped roof, widening on the upper floors to obtain some extra region.

Formally the volume is a single cube in which every face has been divided into 4 quadrants. The upper faces are extruded upwards to kind the roof. The side faces rotate to frame significant scenic moments, mindful of the neighbors’ privacy.

The façade consists of a steady skin that supplies the very same matt white factor to walls, roofs and openings. The fixed windows are produced of glass panes totally flush with the façade, and the working ones have a white perforated aluminum shutter also installed flush with the skin.

A perforated Corten steel front fence at the minimal finish of the plot offers pedestrian and auto access to the house. The exterior spaces are formed by 2 terraces and the sloped regions have been modeled forming triangulated ramps. Pavements are produced in multicolored slat, standard of this area, making use of lengthy narrow tiles for the plane zones, and smaller sized irregular pieces on sloping ones.

The entrance level is composed by the first dormitory, the bath and the kitchen with a dining area area. The kitchen is in a double height room with 2 massive windows that provide the very best views in excess of the valley. In the upper degree there is the master bedroom and its bath, the 2 oriented to the pine forest at the back side of the plot. The semi-buried reduce floor is formed by the technical and storage rooms, a residing room and a studio both with access to the backyard.

In the interior of the property the floors and bathroom walls are covered with Capri natural stone and the walls and doors are completed in ivory white colour paint. In the double height area, massive created-in dark tinted elm furnishings builds the kitchen and dining spot wall furniture and the island, ascending to the upper floor to kind the master dormitory cupboards.”

Photos by: Marcela Grassi

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