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Urban Retreat / Chou Residence by PMK+designers

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Urban Retreat / Chou Residence is a personal home made by PMK+designers.

It is positioned in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, and is decorated with wood in various tones, making a warm atmosphere throughout the area.

Urban Retreat / Chou Residence by PMK+designers:

“With a balcony practically as massive as the interior space this urban apartment residence emphasizes on its all-natural context, generating nature its target. The courtyard landscape setting is visually invited into the area through big windows and sliding doors, dissolving within/outdoors boundaries, generating the within getting to be an extension of the outdoors and vice-versa.

The interiors had been intended to be straightforward and sturdy, mimicking the pattern of the inspired landscape and buildings surroundings. Simply created comfy furnishings allow the owners to sit and go through, enjoy the sun when seem out more than the large balcony and trees tops.

This residence’s center piece is a 1 piece 640cm (21ft) lengthy x 110cm (3.6ft) wide hardwood kitchen island / dining table, which helps make up the frequent spot which supports a broad range of actions, from cooking and dining, reading, music and Tv watching. At the exact same time, the home has an open program that helps make a visually seamless connection to the outdoor garden location, and with number of interior rooms helping to reinforce gathering possibilities and guest entertainments.

The integrity of the home’s components was also an essential aspect in the design—solid woods, concrete, and raw metal have been chosen since they search even greater with age and will effortlessly mix to the exterior landscapes.”

Photographs courtesy of PMK+designers

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