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Trento Apartment by Baldessari e Baldessari

Trento Apartment was completed by Baldessari e Baldessari.

It is situated in Trento, Italy, and was completed in 2013.

Trento Apartment by Baldessari e Baldessari:

“Spatially speaking, it is a extremely little step from the exterior of the decorative 18th century creating to the meticulous apartment found on its major floor, but a extremely huge 1 in terms of design and aesthetics.
In truth, the notion that opposites can coexist is really a lot fostered by this Baldessari renovation. The rigorous panelling and flooring defy a series of exuberant ar2rks (from Baroque to Modern style), even though the severity of the private spaces answers back to the radiance of the convivial places. The designers invite their observers to perform a game that involves constantly crossing among distinct environments inside of the identical landscape.

Owned by an ar2rk collector, the residence has been created to residence numerous performs by modern artists (Hsiao Chin, Ugo Nespolo, Enrico Baj, Bruno Chersicla, Giulio Turcato and Milena Milani), as properly as antique furniture, and a lot more practical and important furnishing objects. Commencing with this requirement, Michela and Paolo Baldessari came up with an classy and ironic “Franciscan” idea. The use of wood as the only — ascetic but aesthetically very essential — materials, became a leitmotiv for the task. “We utilized broad slats of brushed ash wood, taken care of with a dark brown “sackcloth” colour for the floor and panelling”, explains Michela Baldessari. “The visual impact of this materials has produced a minimal and virtually meditative environment. This, in our opinion, has emphasized — in a practical way but also with a specific irony — the qualities of the ar2rks, furniture and even the warm conviviality of the owners themselves”.

The division of the spaces was also created, therefore, in accordance to a dual aesthetic criterion: a vibrant open room devoid of symmetry for the residing and dining areas, juxtaposed with serious partitioning in the sleeping region and examine.

The big, brightly-coloured residing area has a broad opening on one side — nearly a entire wall, which prospects out onto a terrace of approximately 100 m2 (1,076 ft2). On the opposite wall a passageway prospects to the kitchen.

The entrance to the sleeping area, on the other hand, has a discrete and meditative feel, with a corridor whose panelling erases any “signs” by integrating cupboards, doors and even milled handles into the thickness of the door. This “Franciscan-like” corridor leads off to the bedrooms of the 3 children and the parents’ bedroom, with its spacious ensuite.”

Images by: Matteo Piazza & Carlo Baroni

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