Tree Snake Houses by Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade

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Portuguese architects Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade have developed the Tree Snake Houses.

Completed in 2012, these 290 square foot houses are uniquely shaped to resemble a snake, and give the occupant the feeling of currently being in a treehouse.

They are found in Bornes de Aguiar, Portugal.

Tree Snake Houses by Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade:

“Along with the project Pedras Salgadas Park by architects Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade, came the challenge of creating an object that could recreate the fantasy of the tree homes.

The project for these homes was designed in partnership with the Modular System Firm. The idea was to get an object that would be far away from the orthogonality and from pre-established ideas connected with the modular development.

The characteristic style connected with the slates and the wood on the base suggests a snake gliding amongst the trees. Like a wild animal in its natural habitat, the property out of the blue seems in the visual discipline of the observer.

The choice of supplies gives an instant sense of connection with nature at the identical time it establishes a coherent picture of the proposal into a ideal symbiosis between the house and the Park.

The architects created use of new engineering currently examined in prototypes that permit a weightless simple-carrying development.

Native raw material, slate and wood employed in the finishing also advertise the integration at the exact same time it confers invisibility to the houses, not allowing these to take the chief part which belongs to the centennial Park itself.

Sustainability and ecology have usually been a single of the main concerns throughout the improvement of the project. The consistency and rationale for the intervention have been attained by the layers and reinforced insulation, heating systems, water reuse, water solar panels, the reduced consumption lighting system using LED technologies as nicely as the choice of trying to keep the soil without having any impermeable technique, between other remedies. Each residence comprises a studio with a bathroom and a kitchen.

Thus, the 2 TREE SNAKE Houses of Pedras Salgadas Park are objects that, utilizing related supplies and technologies, point out to our imaginary: the primitive hut and the wild animal.”

Pictures by: Ricardo Oliveira Alves

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