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Traditional in a contemporary interior


The bathroom is a very good alternative for a traditional fashion, a blend of soft colors and light blue mixture, a big mirror in the room expands the area and helps make the space vibrant and elegant.


Bathroom with a golden hue has no furnishings shelves are constructed from tiles and golden brown, with beautiful textural patterns, beautiful moldings decorate the space and make it shiny.

3-cucumbers in the interior

The interior is completed in a more modern day style, wallpaper hung with red and golden cucumber, goes properly with beige furnishings matt golden shade.

4-bright living room

Luxurious furnishings in light-colored wood with carved legs, the interior utilizes a good deal of stucco, a big variety of equipment complement the space and make it shiny.

5-shades of cream

The front space is utilised warm bedding shades make a space festive, in the middle of the space there is a stunning chandelier in the middle of the room, the furniture in the area is covered in the very same colour of warm colour.

6-large fireplace

The front room will hold warm present day fireplace, which is decorated in a traditional design, hangs above the fireplace a beautiful painting that produces a warm and cozy.

7-round table

The apartment is in a classic type frequently combines several rooms with no doors, but there are clear areas that share the kitchen, sitting area and dining area.

8-white sofas

Greatest Buys shades in traditional design – it’s all vivid colors, particularly white, it seems constantly advantageous and luxurious. Furniture can be of a light color, background, or vice versa, can be light, wallpaper can be smart, but they are exciting to appear with stunning flowers and designs. The story can be paved with light wood flooring board, or use a light Soft flooring, which is much more sensible and profitable. Curtains have a major function, they might be light and golden color.

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