Tobaco Hotel by EC-5

By Jessica – Classes: Ar2rk, Bathroom, Bedroom, Bookshelf, Decorative Accessory, Furniture, Hall and Entrance, Hotel, Interior Style, Lighting, Staircase, Wall Decor   

Tobaco Hotel is a hip hotel found in Łódź, Poland.

It was finished by EC-5 in 2013.

Tobaco Hotel by EC-5:

“The Tobaco Hotel is positioned in the centre of Łódź, between historic tenement houses and previous factory buildings. The hotel is part of the historic factory building complex. Given that 1895, Karol Kretschmer had operated a wool textile factory there. In 1932, the National Cigarette Factory opened on the former textile factory premises. These days, the complete developing complicated has been modernised and adapted to housing and hotel functions.

The hotel’s interior has been made by the “EC-5″ studio. The interiors reflect the spirit of the 50s and 60s. The dominant colors, both in hotel rooms and communal places, are steel gray and vivid blue, violet and green. The yellow colour constitutes the leitmotiv of the complete complex. It seems in the corporate identity and in the decoration. Several interior furnishings, as nicely as most furnishings, have been made of walnut veneer, the finishing of which is substantial gloss and matt. Dark and vivid colors have been confronted with white walls, floor and window decoration. Thanks to this method, the impact of bright and spacious interiors has been accomplished.

The architects’ desire was to emphasise the industrial background of the complex. Brick walls and ceilings have been displayed wherever possible. The same goes with bare concrete that has been utilised in numerous spots, for instance to create the reception counter. In addition, the wiring of the main hall’s ceiling has been left exposed.”

Pictures by: Michał Mazurowicz

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