Tile Home by Cubus

By Jessica • one hour in the past

Tile Residence is a project completed by the Barcelona-based studio Cubus.

It is positioned in Girona, Spain, and was lately completed.

Tile Residence by Cubus:

“Complete refurbishment of a residence in Costa Brava. Found in an old creating, the proposal aims to transform the intricate original distribution in a clean space by making a “thick” and white perimeter (containing the required storage location and integrating the kitchen cabinets), in which light contributes to the spatial clarity, giving higher depth to the different locations. The process is completed with the inclusion of a central wooden box containing the bathroom, which gives buy to the spaces close to it thanks to its place.

This undertaking has also memory, recognises the value of the accurate original components: the existent ceramic roof (which is now showed and recovered) and specially the unique hydraulic tiles, which are now integrated as niches emptied into the new storage perimeter.”

Initial Level
2nd Level

Photos by: Nani Pujol

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