The tiny studio apartment


And a little studio apartment, much more like a studio for a temporary remain, to keep, it is very challenging and challenging. The bedroom and residing room are mixed and positioned in front of the sofa bed has gorgeous cabinets, a wall is a lower shelf where you can put pots, or flowers.

2-TV on the wall

The wall is partially lined with gorgeous tiles, which, as it comes forte room is a light. The wall is partially lined with gorgeous tiles, which, as it emerges.

3-large bed

On the other side of the room there is a huge and beautiful terry blanket with a lot of little pillows. Small sofa and a tiny light in colour.


On the other side of the space is a shower that is totally transparent, subsequent to the shower is even a toilet, which is extremely unusual, and probably gives the alternative is not fairly like it. Toilet with chrome barrel and a glossy black hat.

5-kitchen tiles

On the other side created a mini kitchen – tiny sink, tile, mini fridge, and even an electrical furnace, which is constructed into the partition. Opposite the sofa is best, exactly where you can devote dinner, or a fast cup of coffee at the bar, with 2 lovely prolonged-legged chairs.

6-white shell

Aside from the shower enclosure is also a laundry basin, and opposite it are hassle-free boxes, which can be folded towels. The case is also an opposite wall with a mirror, near which there are bottles of soap and other bathroom objects.

8-beautiful hood

On the side of the kitchen exactly where there is a partition planted aloe, which are very harmonious seem with the vividness of the furnishings. Opposite the kitchen stove best is also a helpful cap.

-small kitchen

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