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The Serpentine By Turner

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The Serpentine is a personal residence located in Bilgola, New South Wales, Australia.

It was created by Turner, resulting in an sophisticated and warm interior.

The Serpentine by Turner:

“The house measures down the internet site and is articulated into 3 legible factors taking cues from a traditional tripartite design of forming a base, middle and leading. The strong ‘base’ with recessed openings anchors the home to the web site with external walls extending out from the home to form landscaped retaining walls and measures which are located at normal ground degree or below.

The open planned residing locations sit on prime of the sound base as a recessed transparent ‘middle’ element to capture views and sunlight. In addition, due to the orientation of the website and the need to maximise solar access, the roof above the living room folds up to capture northern sunlight with substantial eave overhangs to give shading from the summertime sun. The southern extent of the mid level of the home, such as awnings and balustrades, is setback inside the rear covenant setback zone.

The ‘top’ of the residence, which involves the bedrooms and support regions, folds and curves with consideration to boundary alignments, view corridors and internal functions of the residence. To get advantage of the southern views big format image windows are offered to the bedrooms and library spot while secondary windows and hatches are supplied to the east and west facades to maintain privacy to adjoining homes.”

Images courtesy of Turner

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