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The Previous Barge As Modern Day Housing


Gorgeous old barge, which was rebuilt and established in 1909. This barge  has every thing you need 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a barge is found in the heart of Stockholm.


Massive spacious living area snow white, the primary everyday source of light is on the ceiling, the windows are located during the length of the area.


At the finish of the living area is shelving for books, with plenty of shelves and discreet door white shade blends with the rack.


The residing space also has a fireplace, it is also seamlessly hidden in a bookshelf, so you can warm evenings by the fireplace.


Opposite the dining table is a grand piano at which you can play, the small round windows appear really humorous.


Huge residing space has a small kitchen with a small island. The islet is a extremely relaxed, the kitchen is modest, but not cramped. Stairs made ​​of wood leads to the second floor the place the bedroom is found.

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The bedroom ceiling lined with wooden beams, which are painted white, the floor paved with dark wood floors, gorgeous windows opposite the bed, and is located close to the windows on the balcony where you can loosen up.

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Also, there is also a bunk bed, which would be delighted youngsters who typically like to climb all over the place.


The spacious bathroom you can chill out soon after doing work days, in the bathroom, a shower, and tub is produced entirely of wood.

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Gorgeous view and fresh air, you will always admire the all-natural environment, water, birds and other the elegance of nature.


Deck undeveloped extremely simply and succinctly, a comfortable sofa with a nice green shade, a little wooden table, you can also dine on the veranda of this.

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The barge can take pleasure in the attractiveness of the organic atmosphere, water, birds, and other wonders of nature.

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