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The interior in the style of Provence

1-ceiling light

Provence type – it’s component of country fashion with a Mediterranean touch, this type combines the solar ambiance, it refers to the warmer and southern styles. Provence fashion is generally to remain, and is greatest suited for a big household. The interior in the style of Provence, we have a specific charm.
Style of Provence has a very good taste and a touch of antiquity, this kind of as antiques, or antique furnishings. To create an interior in the type of Provence does not always make alterations, you can decide on multiple objects, equipment and ideal furnishings.
The primary point to know the basic aspects to create the type of Provence, should take into account the following concepts:
one. The wall is a brick or process in a normal fireplace to look organic.
2. Furniture or other items must be aged to paint was peeling this style can be developed artificially, or in old interior does not carry out repairs.
3. The interior should be light, walls, ceiling, and floor can be bright.
4. Don’t use wallpaper in the design of Provence, the ideal light-colored plaster.
5. It is needed to use only all-natural supplies, they will look noble .
6. On the walls, you can use a piece of cloth, wood, loose rocks.
6. Confirmed in the interior will be forged products and furniture.
7 Decorative things must be stored.
9. Wooden furnishings will seem great even near the forged
10 . Actual utilization of wooden beams along the ceiling.
11. Ceilings should be straightforward, painted, wooden beams, or with out.
12. Windows ought to be big and made of wood, plastic excluded.
13. You can use shades of lavender, white, indigo and light gray.
14. Add-ons to use and ceramics, paintings with stunning landscapes and animals, vases with dry twigs of lavender.

2-white kitchen

3-blue furniture 4-a large table 5-beautiful fireplace 6-round table 7-beautiful pillows 8-beautiful bathrooms 9-simple accessories 10-nice hangers 11-nice hangers 12-simple accessories

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