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The interior in the Russian type


Russian style in the interior recalls the traditions. It is very best to start with the interior, most often in the Russian interior attribute enormous logs, timber, painted tiles. This interior is more essential for townhouses, apartment in this interior is really hard to create.

2-round table

In the Russian design, all associated with the Russian fairy tales with this hut on chicken legs, and a lot of of the tales get much to produce an interior in the Russian design.

3-a tiled

In the Russian design of a room exactly where the entire family members, for instance, it can be the kitchen, with a simple dining table. The kitchen can be framed in a wooden style, with stunning tiles on the floor.

4-white walls

Russian design is really equivalent to the type of country music, he seems great in the bedroom, it is best to use contemporary wrought-iron beds, and beautiful shades of blue.

5-wooden table

Traditional Russian cuisine can be completely lined with entirely painted tiles are normally utilised a blue and blue, which painted an pricey porcelain. This kitchen is produced in diverse types, extremely nicely looked plates, amulets.

6-large bath

In the Russian style is normally not utilised by present day sofas, better to give preference benches with comfortable cushions, rocking chair, or various wooden furniture.

7-Russian furnace

Head space should be extremely effortless and practical, items need to be minimal, it is very best if the lavatory space walls and ceiling will be produced of wooden planks. Toilet, bath and sink must be selected in the identical type that was complete harmony.

8-big trees

The area consists completely of processing wood planks, for example, manufactured ​​a tree in the middle of the area. The floor is manufactured in wooden fashion, the ceiling, and there is a wooden staircase. Lovely composition draws Tv.

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