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The Ganna Studio By Ganna Studio

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This project consists of the offices of Ganna Studio, an interior layout staff primarily based in Taipei, Taiwan.

The room combines the cozy and relaxed feel of a private house with the quirky performance of a layout studio, resulting in a distinctive location to get the creative juices flowing.

The Ganna Studio by Ganna Studio:

“Located in downtown Taipei, at the 1st floor of the over 40-12 months-old apartment, The Ganna Studio is not born as an interior style studio but also the cozy and sweet home for 2 designers. Located region is originally formed as a local community which was formerly a military dependents’ village, all the houses in this local community is preserved within a whole lot of previous historical components and can adhere to the trace back to the original Taipei. In buy not to ruin those old historical factors and fill into the lifestyle as it need to be, designers preserve the creating structures with a little reconstruction for longer utilization and include European classic interior design thoughts to make it prolonged lasting and relaxed with multi-functions. These 2 designers make it out of the ordinary and turned these components into brand-new characters.

Without having carrying out any adjust on the creating construction and hold memorable furnishings with its value, designers integrate harmonious fusion in between classics and present day design, such as the contrast of the old red gate and mitered herringbone flooring, also decorative molding wall panels / ceiling.

The Ganna Studio embodies the previous and new spirits.

To leverage the all-natural sunlight for property illumination, designers produce the large windows to lead normal light on the total house. An additional inspiring component by making use of molding panels as a partition the function is not just to segment the work zone and meeting room, also it can increase far more connections in in between and can separate as 2 independent spaces if necessary. Seeing via the open panels, folks who perform in the operate zone can enjoy the vivid garden see as well.

Panels is revolving design and apply its colour as authentic basic tone to which are extended to the color of the wall, ceiling and bookcases, people do fit the colour of panels, all are in distinct layers of grey. The fundamental tone permits colorful furnishings and books into decoration.

These interior objects of The Ganna Studio are interacting with people with its origin and turn out to be the leading roles of the residing area.”

Images courtesy of Ganna Studio

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