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The apartment interior with stripes

1-striped duvet cover

The strip in the interior seems to be quite original, sensible and fanciful. In the interior, where there are bars, can be decorated with additional supplements, the easiest way to make a lovely linens in a large or modest strip, shade scheme is to pick out a color to a room, or close to the colour registration.

2-Artistic Upholstery

The furniture in the strip can be of different types, as in the contemporary design and the style of previous-fashioned only furnishings must be selected with caution so as not to stain looked like striped, striped furniture can be mixed with color or monochrome striped wallpaper.

3-striped rug

The cheerful striped rug will look very good in the savoir-faire, and it is the low-price range selection that will at a minimum expense to renovate the interior.

4-Striped wallpaper

Striped wallpaper can serve not only as an ornament in the interior, but using them and other background can divide the space into zones. You should not let this kind of a mistake wallpaper paste over the entire apartment it will appear very contrasting and will deliver discomfort.

6-Striped wallpaper

The bathroom in the strip can also look flawless, tight and narrow bathroom can improve the wallpaper or tiles in a vertical strip, this occasion will result in the ceiling seem to be wider and greater than visually.

8-Striped wallpaper in the kitchen

Employing multiple textures and shapes with a strip of really relevant and are typically employed to use, a very good choice to decorate the kitchen karmic tiny tiles, stripes in blue with various shades, and yet another part dark patterns.

9-striped plates

An effortless way to adorn the within with minimum cost, for example to purchase a plate in a fun striped.

10-striped chair

Furniture in rainbow stripes, crocheted seat and connected it to the strip, and looks really interesting and intimate.

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