Stacey-Turley Residence by Kariouk

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Stacey-Turley Residence is a residence situated in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

It was completed in 2013 by Kariouk.

Stacey-Turley Residence by Kariouk:

“The requirements for this task referred to as for the style of a modest property that would react to the evolving lifestyle requirements of a younger couple, with 2 modest boys, who intend to dwell their lives here for the subsequent half century. A significant spatial challenge from the start of the venture was that the maximum allowable width of the residence could only be twenty-4 feet, therefore the residence would always need to have to be long because windows on the long sides of the residence have been tremendously restricted by zoning laws, there was an immediate style challenge to bring light into the prolonged interior volume that otherwise would be dark.

The residence is set as far back as attainable inside of a contoured landscape, effectively turning the “basement” into a “lower level” that opens entirely to the light and views of the big front garden. Right here, and as nicely above on the primary floor, the front wall comprises a floor-to-ceiling glass accordion-door program that can open 25% to the landscape. On the main floor, the roof overhang is calibrated to block the larger-angled summer sun, even though the decrease-angled winter sun penetrates the home. The Insulated Concrete Type walls (ICF) and the poured concrete, radiant heated floors capture and hold the warmth of the winter sun, slowly releasing the heat all through the house in the evening. The sloped roof continues by means of the interior and reaches 4teen-feet to catch light and to generate a “chimney effect” that accelerates breezes down the length of the home, eliminating the require for air conditioning. Light is brought into the center of the residence via an ensuite whose volume hovers in a large opening in the floor plate the bathroom is fitted with expansive skylights and clerestory, making it possible for daylight to spill by means of that opening, illuminating each ranges.”

Initial Degree
2nd Level

Images by: Christian Lalonde

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