Spacious property in the southeastern part of the province of Scania


Roomy and comfortable bathroom, tiles on the ceiling and walls the exact same grayish shade, but cozy and spacious bath has a shower, which is separated by a lower wall. Bathroom seems to be conservative.


The second way is the bathroom seems more sophisticated, it has a romantic design, and appropriate for ladies or women. Also in the bathroom at that location is a toilet.


In the bathroom there is a prolonged table with a mirror and a stunning traditional basin, there is a gorgeous nappy carpet, next to the bathroom and stands a lovely jug from which you can add water.


Bedroom in classical fashion, the windows are not fairly normal, the walls in the space traditional white shade that can be altered easily add equipment.


The 2nd space is varied wall in a white area and the color of coffee with milk, flooring also has a brown colour.


Dining table white carpet below the table has gray, chairs of numerous shapes and forms, some are manufactured in a vintage style, and some really present day.


The kitchen is roomy and really practical, there is a bar, a relaxed substantial chair with black cushions lovely. At the dinner table simple lighting – candles, which produce a romantic and intimate environment.


The sitting space is quite bright and has positioned it for studying magazines, staying with friends, the authentic coffee table, surrounded by white chairs underneath which there is a beautiful and bright carpet.


The living area is spacious, has no excess furnishings from the residing room there is access to the terrace, which delivers a splendid see of the nature close to the residence.


The sitting area has a beautiful white table, which is made to operate with paperwork, a chair produced in a vintage style.


In the living space the very same product as a coffee table, snow-white room, and bright objects and paintings are like in weightlessness.

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