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Spacious apartment in the loft


This loft is done in a regular and straightforward apartment was built by designers from New York ixdesign Vastu Village. The apartment is filled with comfort and coziness, and the apartment is quite usable.

2-bed on the stage

Up to repair the apartment, its location was intended as a garage for trucks, the entire apartment was angular, outdated-fashioned decor, and in this apartment nearly no windows and normal lighting.

3-beautiful tile

Designers went detours and designed artificial lighting that seems to be like with all-natural light. The house has tons of storage, several of them are constructed, and have a non-normal configuration.

4-white chair

All the trimmings and all the walls in the area have been white, the color did to the space was poured, and it seemed seamless, and the neutral color highlights the uncommon area. The total area was set up for a warm environment, utilizing the natural shade of walnut, so every thing is united in a frequent space.

5-beautiful living room

Its interior is plush and good things, and textiles are quite great and present day. Interior lighting makes a beautiful and organic, the furniture in the interior of traditional and contemporary, quite sophisticated and functional.

6-beautiful living room...

The apartment interior is absolutely inspiring and impressive, it appears extremely all-natural. The bedroom is located on a small rise, the entire light-colored textiles.

7-chairs on long legs

The kitchen is little, but extremely nicely done, functional and comfortable at the table are bar stools with relaxed backs. Lakers hold a hidden storage system, and seem every other collectively.

8-kitchen light

The bathroom has a shower lined with tiny blue tiles and decorated of white putty. The shell is also made with a hidden shelf, tile the sink is produced of shell.


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